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External Coins Review

external-coins-logoExternal Coins is a multi-asset broker that provides an online trading platform to its customers in different parts of the world.

The broker is trusted by foreign traders and the industrial community due to its reliable trading policies and conditions. Online trading is not as easier as it seems.

Despite providing convenience to the users, it also increases the rate of potential risks manifold. Therefore, it becomes important to choose a reliable broker to minimize the possibility of any loss.

A comprehensive External Coins reviews is discussed below that will explain the exemplary services of the broker and how it acts as a mediator between the customers and retailers.

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Opening an Account

It is a simple process to open an account with External Coins broker that can be done online. Almost all countries allow their residents to open an account with ExternalCoins.

The broker offers a number of different accounts for its customer that they can use according to their need. Moreover, traders can easily fund their accounts in their local currencies without paying exchange charges.

Types of Orders Offered

ExternalCoins broker provides its customers with several order types, including market orders, limit orders, stop orders, AvaProtect, etc. Customers are allowed to execute market orders at the current market price.

Whereas limit order allows the traders to set the maximum and minimum price in the market to sell or buy an asset. However, if the market prices fall below a certain limit, one can reduce the risk of loss using a stop order.

Products and Markets Available

Externalcoins.com allows its customers to trade several assets, including forex, stocks, etc., via CFDs. This helps them to buy or sell different products using CFDs in the market.

In addition, customers are also allowed to deal with a wide range of currency pairs and multiple cryptocurrencies along with bonds, ETFs, commodities, and indices.

Minimum Deposits and Withdrawals

Traders can deposit or withdraw their funds with the broker using traditional methods such as bank transfers, credit cards, or debit cards.

However, the broker demands the customers add a minimal initial deposit into their account to make it functional and carry out smooth transactions.

In addition, it may ask the customers to deposit some documents to ensure security and authenticity. On the other hand, the broker does not charge any fee to withdraw funds from the account.

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External Coins is a strictly regulated broker that is watched by tier-1 regulatory authorities. It is considered a reliable regulatory platform to sell or buy forex or CFDs.

The higher authorities make sure that the funds of the customers are protected and kept in segregated accounts. Traders consider it a trustworthy option as it provides negative balance protection to its customer that most brokers in the market do not offer.

Research and Education

External Coins offers a good collection of research tools and indicators for its customers, including economic calendars, a news feed, market reminders, an idea hub, etc.

Moreover, the broker also contains an “Analyst review” option to help the traders find the exact opportunity for potential trading.

In addition, Externalcoins.com also provides a good collection of educational material for its customers where they can find multiple teaching tutorials, webinars, seminars, etc., covering all the basic concepts and topics related to crypto trading.

Moreover, traders can also find advanced strategies and material to educate and train themselves.

Trading Charges

ExternalCoins demands a competitive fee and offers tight spreads to its customers amongst the other brokers in the market. In addition, the broker also allows its customers to trade leveraged products.

If inactive for more than three months, the broker charges an inactivity fee from the traders.


With its efficient and effective trading policies, External Coins provides high competition to the brokers in the queue.

The broker makes sure that its customers earn maximum profit out of every market opportunity by training in the best possible manner and providing them with a safe and trader-friendly platform

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