FinuTrade Review – What Makes this Broker Different?

FinuTrade Review

If you are interested in trading financial instruments online, one broker you can consider is FinuTrade. But, why should you prefer it over the others that are offering their services? To find that out, you have to know what makes this broker different and this FinuTrade review can give you the right answers.

Even though it has been around for decades, the popularity of online trading has not waned even slightly. As a matter of fact, the interest has only intensified over the years, fueled by introduction of new instruments such as cryptocurrencies that have shaken the financial markets. The primary reason behind this constant and surging popularity is the availability of countless opportunities of making money. No matter how many people enter the trading space, everyone can have their chance and make the kind of returns they have always wanted.

However, it is important to remember that in order to succeed in trading, you depend on a lot of factors. Yes, there is no denying that your education, knowledge, skill and understanding of the financial markets can make a massive difference in the outcome. But, you should also be aware that these factors alone will not guarantee your success. There are a number of other things that can also play a crucial role here and this includes the broker you use for trading purposes. Indeed, brokers are also a part of online trading, much as they were in the traditional form of trading.

They still serve as the key that opens the doors of the various financial markets, but this time they are doing it online by providing you access to a trading platform and the tools you need for making smart and capable decisions. This means that in order to kick off your journey in the financial markets, you have to find a broker first. It sounds really straightforward and remains so, until you begin. That’s when you find out the sheer number of brokers that are offering their services here and it can overwhelm just about anyone.

The thought of having to go through so many options to pick one broker is not something you can take lightly. How will you find a suitable choice? Moreover, when you take a look at some of the options, you will find that they appear to be quite similar. This adds another layer to the confusion and it often pushes people to give up altogether, or just choose a broker at random. Doing the former means missing out on the opportunities the financial markets have to offer, while the latter can be a recipe for disaster.

Opting for a brokerage without knowing anything about it beforehand can lead to a horde of problems. They may not have the instruments you want to trade, their trading conditions might not be favorable, the trading platform may lag or not be what you want, they may not have good customer support, or their security may be lacking. Most importantly, there is a possibility that the broker could also be a scam, as those also exist here. In fact, many people have been scammed by brokers in recent years, as cybercriminals are becoming more active in this space.

But, you are back to square one; how do you choose? The best route to take here is to figure out what makes a broker different from the rest. When you know what makes it special, you can decide if it is worth signing up with or not. This logic can be used in the case of a comparatively new broker by the name of FinuTrade. It is located in Mauritius and has attracted a lot of attention recently because of its services and offerings. Which ones? This is what you will find out in this FinuTrade review:

Minimum Deposit$250
Assets CoverageForex currency pairs, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies  and Commodities.
Trading ToolsTrading Indicators, Economic Calendar, Calculator, Signals, Live Charts, Technical Analysis Tools and Reports, Price Alerts, Market Research,  and Risk Management Tools
Education and TrainingYes; e-books, online video courses, webinars, seminars, tutorials, latest market news, guides and in-depth research
Customer Support24/5 support via email address, phone number online contact form and an FAQ section
Security PolicyKYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
Parent CompanyFinuTrade Holdings LTD

Portfolio diversification

It is understood that all online brokers that are offering their trading services in the financial markets will provide you a bunch of instruments you can buy and sell. After all, this is what trading is all about; people buy the trading instruments they are interested in and sell them later, when the price appears to be favorable and gives them a profit. Of course if you have done any research, then you are probably aware that there are hundreds of thousands of these instruments to be found and these are divided across different financial markets.

No two instruments, or even markets, are the same in nature, demand, volatility and hence, profitability. Therefore, it is understood that everyone will have a different preference when they are considering the trading instruments they want to trade. For instance, if your goal is to make high returns and you don’t mind taking risks, then you would prefer trading volatile instruments because they can provide the profits you want. Likewise, if you just want to enjoy stable returns in the long run and would prefer to keep risks low, you can choose markets with low volatility and also diversify your portfolio.

Diversification is recognized as one of the top strategies for minimizing the inherent trading risks. It involves spreading out your investment across different financial markets, particularly if they have an inverse relationship. This ensures that if one instrument goes down, the other goes up and can balance out your losses. To be able to use this strategy, you have to have access to enough markets and instruments and you will find that FinuTrade fits the bill quite well. They have given their clients the freedom to select instruments from around 3,000 markets and this is no small feat.

This is not just a claim they have made, as you will be able to verify it when you take a look at their offerings. Such variety of instruments has helped FinuTrade in standing out from the rest of the brokers that are operating in the market, as none have come as close to offering this impressive number. The best part is that when you check out the choices, you will find them to be some of the most profitable and popular options. You can start building your portfolio with the stock market, which has helped many in enjoying substantial returns over the years.

Stocks of some of the top global companies have been added by FinuTrade to its list and these include Apple, Netflix, eBay, AT&T, BMW, Pfizer, Microsoft and Twitter. The commodities market is also accessible here, and there are different types of commodities that you can choose from. There are energies like natural gas and crude oil, precious metals like gold, silver and platinum and agricultural items like wheat, coffee, corn and rice available. Along with these options, you will also find instruments from the biggest financial market of the world

This is none other than the forex market, which is known for its high volatility. Top currency pairs have been provided by FinuTrade to its clients in order to help them in maximizing their profits and earning the maximum returns. Some of the currency pairs that are accessible here include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/NZD, USD/CHF, GBP/CAD, USD/JPY and EUR/GBP. Another market that has recently made headlines because of its extreme volatility is none other than the cryptocurrency market. These digital currencies have been enjoying very high profits and everyone wants a slice of the pie.

In order to ensure that its clients don’t have to go elsewhere to enjoy the benefits of this market, the top options have been added by FinuTrade to the mix. Hence, you will have the chance to choose from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum and Monero, amongst others. As they offer CFDs (Contract for Difference), you don’t have to worry about actually having to buy the instruments you decide to trade. You will be dealing in contracts of the instrument in question and this makes it more convenient and less-risky for traders.

Secure trading environment

One of the biggest reasons many people hesitate when signing up for online trading is because of the security risks associated with it. For years, people had dreamt about entering the financial markets, but weren’t able to do so because the traditional route involved too many berries to entry. When these barrier were eliminated thanks to online trading, everyone was eager to jump in, but it didn’t take long for them to discover the risks. Cybercriminals became very active in the trading space due to the endless pool of victims they could find.

Many people lost their hard-earned money, and others had their personal and sensitive data compromised that resulted in a lot of hassle and losses. No one wants to have to deal with these consequences and this has made people hesitate in signing up with an online broker. Doing so automatically exposes you to these risks and you want to avoid them at all costs. If you want to trade online, you have to figure out a way to deal with them. This can be done when you opt for a broker that doesn’t take security lightly.

You want a secure trading environment, where your information and your funds are protected and this is where you will find FinuTrade to be a solid option. Their security measures are such that they can reassure you about your money and your data all at the same time. They use high-end SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for protecting all sensitive data that they accumulate during the registration as well as trading process. You don’t have to worry about your information falling into the wrong hands. Even if their system is compromised, your data doesn’t go anywhere because of the encryption.

Now that you know about the security of your information, you should look at the security of your funds because they are just as important. Here, you will find the account segregation policies have been adopted by FinuTrade for keeping all their client deposits. First off, all accounts are maintained with reputable financial institutions and the funds are kept in separate accounts, so you can avoid mix ups and discrepancies. Customer funds are only to be used for trading activities and not for any of the company’s own operations. If the company goes bankrupt, all funds will be refunded to the clients.

Another essential element of the security environment is compliance with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) security policies. These are a great tool for brokers to protect their platform from cybercriminals.

In compliance with these policies, traders who sign up with FinuTrade have to provide proof of identity and proof of residency. This is done by submitting documents, which ensure that no fake accounts are made on the platform. Proof of identity requires a colored copy of a government-authorized form of ID, such as national ID card, driver’s license or passport. Regardless of what you submit, it should have your name, picture and date of birth visible. Proof of residency can be given through a utility bill, such as water, land-line phone, gas, or electricity, a tax bill or a bank statement. Make sure it is not older than six months and shows your name, address and date of issue.

Modern web trading platform

Your trading experience with a broker depends on multiple factors, but there is one that plays the most crucial role; the trading platform you use for accessing the financial markets and making your trades. The trading platform is what you engage with the most when you sign up with any brokerage and it is their primary offering, so it has to be the right one, or else you will not be able to make the most of your trading. Yet, you will find many traders who complain about the trading platform they were provided because it was outdated, slow, or too complex.

You obviously don’t want to deal with such issues because this can get in the way of your trading and prevent you from tapping into the opportunities that may exist in the financial markets. You should note that the platform varies from broker to broker, so it needs to be checked out before any decision is made. There are some platforms that already exist in the market and some brokers may prefer to offer one of those; others may opt to develop their own trading platform for their clients, which is equipped with necessary tools and features.

A modern, web trading platform is at your disposal at FinuTrade that they have developed on their own and the most appealing aspect of this trading platform is that it is powered by AI. You will not come across many brokers that can offer you such a platform, so it can help you understand why this one is different. The advanced and powerful trading technology allows traders to get personalized insights into their activities and this can help them in making better, smarter decisions.

It also provides quick and speedy trade execution that can come in handy for taking advantage of the tiniest price movements. The trading platform at FinuTrade is also equipped with some of the most innovative trading tools in the market, which include analysis tools, risk management tools, a hedging mode and tech indicators. Traders will also find advanced charts that can be incredibly useful and provide a great deal of useful data. Furthermore, the platform delivers price alerts and regular live updates for more than 3,000 markets.

You will also find FinuTrade’s trading platform to be highly versatile, as it has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows every trader to navigate it easily. Even if you don’t have any prior experience navigating a trading platform, you will be able to use this one without any issues. As it is a web trading platform, there is no need to be concerned about downloading and installing it anywhere. You can use it on any device that has a browser, which means you can also benefit from mobile trading and trade from anywhere and everywhere.

Convenient deposits and withdrawals

Money is one of the key ingredients that’s involved in the trading process. You have to invest money in order to make any profits and everyone is obviously aware of it. But, how will you invest it? You are required to make a deposit in your trading account with the online broker you select. This sounds simple enough, yet the question is the same; how will you make it happen? To find out the answer, you need to explore the payment methods that are supported on the broker’s websites. These are not the same everywhere, so checking them out will do you good.

After all, you don’t want to have to go through the whole process of evaluating the broker’s features and registering with them, only to find out that their payment methods are not convenient enough, quick enough, or safe enough. Yes, these are important issues and it is better to be aware of it beforehand if you don’t want to have to go through the process of switching brokers eventually. When you check out the deposit and withdrawal methods at FinuTrade, you will come across a combination of modern and traditional solutions available.

This is because FinuTrade aims to cater to traders of all types, whether they are beginners, intermediate traders, or even expert ones with years of experience under their belts. Therefore, they have attempted to provide an option that can suit everyone. They have given the option of debit and credit cards, such as VISA and MasterCard, which are quick and efficient. You can also explore the option of depositing and withdrawing through e-payment options, such as Skrill, Neteller and WebMoney. If you want to go with conventional, they have bank wire transfer to assist you.

You don’t need to worry about any fee, as FinuTrade doesn’t charge anything for deposits or withdrawals. Third-party charges may be applicable, such as bank fee. In addition, you should use the same methods for both deposits and withdrawals, in accordance with AML policies. As far as processing time is concerned, bank transfers take the longest at 7 business days. Withdrawal requests also need at least 2 business days to be approved.

Top-notch customer support

An essential aspect of any business is the customer support they provide and it is definitely not optional. It is understood that customers are going to have questions about the business at some point, or they may face a problem and need assistance. They don’t like to wait, or not have any way to find a solution, due to which timely and available support is of the utmost importance. This is the mantra followed by FinuTrade when offering customer support and it has helped the broker in being different than the rest of the companies out there.

You will find a detailed FAQ section on the FinuTrade website, which is designed to provide answers to questions that are frequently asked by traders. If you don’t find your answers there, you can get in touch with their support staff via several channels. They are available 24/5 to assist you and solve any problems you may have or answer any questions, if any. You will find an email address and a phone number on the website that can be used for this purpose. A callback can also be scheduled at your convenience by filling out the online contact form.

The Verdict

Now, you can understand exactly why FinuTrade is not like the other brokers out there offering their services and can offer you a better and smoother trading experience.

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