Fujitsu Explores Crypto Services As Japanese Tech Giant Delves Into Cryptocurrency

Fujitsu, a Japanese technology giant, has taken a significant step by applying to offer a wide range of services related to finance, banking, and cryptocurrency. On Tuesday, Michael Kondoudis, a trademark attorney, announced that the tech behemoth had filed a trademark application.

According to the attorney, the application encompasses various financial services such as crypto trading, insurance brokerage, money exchange, tax planning, and securities trading.

Fujitsu To Enter The Crypto And Banking Space

Fujitsu’s application, submitted last week, indicates the company’s potential plans to extend its presence in the crypto, banking, and finance industries. In addition, this noteworthy step highlights the rising significance of cryptocurrencies and digital finance within the broader realm of technological advancement, particularly for a leading technology firm like Fujitsu.

Furthermore, the trademark application is expected to increase curiosity and cause speculation within the tech sector as analysts and industry experts attempt to unravel Fujitsu’s plans and prospective tactics. Given its prominence as a significant player in the tech industry, Fujitsu’s exploration of digital currencies and decentralized finance can disrupt established entities and reshape the financial services industry’s overall structure.

Notably, Fujitsu holds the record of creating the first quantum computer in Japan. It collaborated with Riken, Japan’s most distinguished research institute, to achieve this feat.

Quantum Computers To Affect The Security Of Crypto

Mahajan elaborated on the significance of quantum computers, stating:

“Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize computing on an immense scale. It can resolve intricate problems in molecular dynamics, medicine, finance, and optimization problems like the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) and Shor’s Algorithm, which are challenging to solve.”

Intriguingly, Fujitsu’s exploration of crypto services may conflict with their quantum computing development. Besides, many have voiced concerns over the potential implications of these powerful computers for cryptocurrency.

The repercussions of recent advancements in quantum computing for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, have sparked considerable speculation. There are rumors regarding its possible use in malicious activities, such as breaking asymmetric encryption to gain unauthorized access to Bitcoin wallets.

Last January, scientists at Sussex University affirmed these concerns in a research paper. They argued that new technologies would emerge within the next decade that would affect the present security of current technologies.

Additionally, they asserted that quantum computing could breach the SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm, thus compromising the security of the Bitcoin network. As a result, the number of security breaches on crypto and DeFi platforms could explode.

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