Gerard Pique Just Invested in Sorare

In the year, as much as the cryptocurrency has impacted the online community, it has also played a key role in attracting the sports sector. When we talk about sports adopting the crypto-blockchain industry, the most prominent sport that has adopted in crypto-blockchain is none other than football.

In the year 2020, many football teams have become part of the cryptocurrency universe. Back in October 2020, it was Keisuke Honda who launched his own cryptocurrency named KSK HONDA coin. Keisuke is the Superstar Japanese football player who currently plays in Brazil’s biggest football club ‘Botafago’.

However, this time, the stakes have gone really high as one of the top-class football players has entered the crypto-blockchain space.

The top-class football player is none other than Gerard Pique who is making an investment of €3 million into Sorare as a seed extension. It has been confirmed that Pique has made the investment alongside Emmanuel Seuge. Emmanuel Seuge was formerly the VP at Coca-Cola and now the founder of the Cassius family.

Sorare is an online card game based on the blockchain network that now features more than 80 football clubs from the entire football universe. The game is said to have gained an enormous amount of popularity and fame among football fans as well as the gaming/cryptocurrency community.

As per the reports, Sorare’s card sales and volumes have experienced a 1000% increase. The game currently features the top football clubs and in the current year, has acquired European Champions. Some of the major European Champions the game has featured include Paris Saint-Germain, Porto, Juventus, Bayern Munich, and Zenit.

The game officials recently announced that they are planning to add even more players and teams in the coming year.

After investing in Sorare, Gerard Pique talked about the current situation of football. He said that the fans no longer wish to interact with them only through the football entertainment platform. They went to interact with them in different ways and be more close to them on a daily basis.

Gerard Pique has been one of the football players who has always searched for different ways to interact with his fans. He has constantly been in touch with Kosmos to find new and innovative ways of interacting with the fans. Now, the player has found the opportunity through Sorare to invest as well as interact with his fans through the online platform.

Gerard Pique informed everyone that he will be becoming part of Sorare’s board as the Strategic Advisor. As the newest Strategic Advisor, Gerard Pique will be working beside Adrien Montfort, Nicolas Julia, and Christian Miele.

Gerard Pique also stated that although he was not into cryptocurrencies or blockchains, in recent years, the topic popped up many times so he decided to get some more info on it. After hearing about the cryptocurrency and its achievements, he is now confident that the industry will become the future of digital financing.

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