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Group500 Review

Online trading has successfully evolved itself into a full fledge trading industry different from its traditional trading industry. So much so that many of the traditional traders were compelled to turn their attention towards online trading market in order to carry out their seamless trading in an environment which is convenient and, at the same time, provides them more opportunities of generating revenues for them. This evolutionary movement of traders towards the online trading industry then paved the way for establishing online brokerage firms for fulfilling the requirements and needs of the online traders.

One such online trading platform which was launched only a few years back is Group500 which provides the traders opportunities of trading in variety of trading assets which include cryptocurrencies, Forex, CFDs, Indices, Stocks etc. Once the trader has joined Group500 then he is able to trade, invest or even exchange all these lucrative trading assets with the comfort of doing trades online while sitting anywhere in any part of the world.

Brief about Group500

According to the online trading community, Group500 is an outstanding online brokerage firm which is capable of providing industry leading services and products combined with most compelling features. It is an entirely customer-oriented trading platform which is committed to engage in a healthy and long term relationship with its customers. The trading platform of Group500 has been developed so as to fulfill the needs and requirements of any level of traders, whether they are newbies or professional traders. They have team of experts who are experienced consultants in various trading assets who are capable of allowing the trader to utilize his trading abilities in an effort to achieve maximum results.

The interesting facts to note about Group500 are that it charges a much cheaper commission when compared with other online brokers and the margin of trade being provided to its customers is kept at 1:5 which is considerably much higher than any other online broker. Irrespective of whether a trader is an active trader or a long term investor, the trading platform of Group500 is suitable for both and can be accessed through internet browser, mobile and any internet based devices.

Let us see the experience of traders in different trading assets at Group500 and what type of trading accounts have been made available by Group500 for the customers.

Availability of variety of trading accounts

For a trader to be able to conduct his trading from the platform of Group500, it is essential to own a trading account without which no trade is possible. There are at least five different trading accounts available to be owned by anyone which all have various features different from other trading accounts such as: –

1.     Silver Account

At number one spot is the “Silver” account which can be acquired by depositing 10,000+ and is highly recommended for newbies. The account has basic features of trading such as 24/7 customer support, 1 on 1 basic training, access to Education Centre, unlimited Trading Dashboard, 0.01 minimum trading lot size, trading news and signals from the VIP Desk. While there are some basic features but the features relating to providing of signals, lot size and unlimited trading dashboard are unique because these are in reality the difference maker in trading pursuits and if utilized in the correct way then the chances of earning great profits are huge.

2.     Gold Account

At number two place is the “Gold” account which is again a trading account most suitable for the average traders who may have knowledge how traders are conducted but lack the experience. This account has been specifically created for meeting the requirements of an average trader and can be signed up with an initial deposit of 25,000+ and comes with all the features that were available in the Silver account. The only exception is providing of Personal Account Manager and upto 10 signals on monthly basis.

3.     Platinum

The third account is “Platinum” which can be opened up by depositing an initial deposit of 50,000+ and again it has all the features of Silver and Gold account with the only exceptions that now the trader is facilitated with a Personal VIP Account Manager, trading algorithm has been made available, there is no withdrawal fee being charged from the trader and the trading fee is kept at minimal and that the traders are offered credit line for premium trading events. This account is highly recommended and most suitable for professional traders.

4.     Signature Account

At number four spot is the Signature account which requires 250,000+ as initial deposit and comes with all the features as are available in the Platinum account. The glaringly evident differences are that there are personal sessions with the market analyst, availability of private banking, leverage upto 1:300, insured contracts (upto 70 percent) as well as first priority for hedging strategies is given to exclusively to the owner of the account.

5.     Signature Account

At number five there is this special account which neither require any sign up nor does it require any amount to be deposited as initial payment. As a matter of fact, Group500 has deliberately not given any details of the account which is kept quite confidential. This is due to the fact that being a special account, it does come up with special features which can only be disclosed to an owner of the account. However, one thing is prominent which is that the account can be owned by invitations only.

No hectic procedure for owning an account

Before we proceed further to look into the trading assets of Group500, it is important for us to note that though all the five trading accounts looks very promising but whether the process of owning an account is simple or it is cumbersome. Often it has been seen that when a person goes to open an account with a bank, the process is so hectic that even after filling out various forms and providing of multiple documents and information, the person will be not sure whether the bank will allow him to open an account of his choice.

Similarly, the same problem exists with the online brokerage firm wherein too much information is required from a trader, documents are required to be filled in as well as the brokerage requires various documents to be provided with and only then the trader will be able to open an account.

However, in the case of Group500, the process of owning a trading account has been made easier which eliminates the need to providing of unnecessary documents, filling out various forms and giving in too much of information. To the contrary any person can own a Group500’s trading account by giving fewer details such as profile information and the documents that are required to be submitted are identity card etc. and once the verification is done at the end of Group500, a person will then be required to deposit the initial deposit due towards the desired account which can then be transferred via a debit or credit card and through bank transfer.

This successfully shows that the utmost priority of Group500 is to provide the best convenience in owning a trading account.

Trading assets at the platform of Group500

While there are various online brokerage firms which are very well-reputed for rendering their services, yet what makes Group500 a leading trading platform is its providing of most lucrative assets to trade in coupled with some extra benefits and advantages. For example the traders of Group500 have been enjoying the opportunity of exploring renowned global trading markets and that the useful data and information, latest economic developments, which have been made available at the platform of Group500, are phenomenally exceptional in terms of helping a trader to achieve his desired results.

Currently there are over and above 450 different assets in which a trader can successfully participate. In addition, a trader can also trade in a wide range of bonds, currency pairs, precious metals as well as stocks and shares relating to world-renowned companies and organizations. Similarly, the traders of Group500 can also invest in metals such as gold or silver or other precious metals and can enter into and execute contracts in respect of natural resources and energy sector.

That’s not it. Group500’s traders also have the privilege of trade indices relating to some of the well-known global brands such as NASDAQ, S&P 500, FTSE and Down Jones, which can guarantee huge returns on investment. Similarly, stocks relating to companies namely Google, Apple, Intel etc. are also available to be traded with at the platform of Group500.

Another very popular trending these days is algorithmic trading which is a concept wherein the trading is based upon artificial intelligence which has the ability to offer profitable trading to the traders. The software is certainly made available at the platform of Group500 which has some of the unique features such as reduction in expenses, lucidity is more vibrant and help the users to develop skills to arrive at decisions to trade in accordance with the prevalent market conditions.

MT4 trading platform

Access to MT4 trading platform

If you are unaware of MT4 and its advantages, then allow me to apprise you that MT4 is a reliable trading platform which is very popular amongst online traders for conducting their trades. Millions of traders all over the world use this trading platform as the primary source of conducting their trade assignments. Over the years MT4 has become a benchmark for online trading and can be used to do multiple-asset trading simultaneously.

The reasons for its popularity is due to its various advantages. For example a trader can easily access real-time market prices of the assets and their liquidity. A wide range of technical and fundamental analysis tools are available in MT4 which can be used by a trader to nourish his trading skills and expertise. It can allow the users to have multiple trading orders and is top notch trading platform when it comes to security and stability. Majority of expert traders like it because it allows them to use automated trading options which gives the traders an opportunity to influence movements of the trading industry without any intervention.

So, having the MT4 trading platform at one side and on the other side there is highly skilled and professional team of Group500, the obvious result is that the traders of Group500 are in an advantageous position to get profitable trading results. MT4 is downloadable at any personal computer, laptop or mobile device with Android or Mac operating system as well as other internet based devices which allow the users to explore and invest in trading opportunities while sitting in their living rooms.

Customer Support of Group500

Last but not the least is the customer support of Group500. There is no doubt that over the years, most of the renowned businesses were able to make their mark in the financial, the credit for which goes to their customer support teams. Customer support is a must have feature by all the service providers because it helps the business to determine non-satisfied customers and helps the business to generate revenues. It is also a great source of attracting new customers for the business and undeniably is a critical aspect which plays a vital role in the success of any business.

Keeping in view this, Group500 also ensured that if it has to make a difference in the online trading industry, then it is must that it should have a customer support which is as per the international standards and consist of people who are highly trained and well-educated in the performance of their duties. The customer support team of Group500 is fully capable of understanding its traders, treats the traders with due respect, handles complaint diligently and effectively, exceeds expectations of the customers and above all goes way beyond in helping a customer in getting rid of the problem.

End Thoughts

To sum up, Group500 is a complete one-for-all package which allows the customers and is no doubt a complete broker which is providing vibrant opportunities of trades and gives them the chance to use its dynamic platform. So why not become a trader of Group500?

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