Huobi Partnering with Gala Games to Pursue Web3 Projects

An official publication issued by Huobi on March 31 reveals that  the crypto exchange has partnered with Gala games to explore the Web3 space. The partnership aims at developing innovative Web3 projects that will be launched on the Gala platform.

The Huobi and gaming company agreed to utilize their proprietary tools to improve the performance of Gala’s on-chain network. A statement from Gala president Jason Brink revealed that integrating Web3 tools on the layer-1 blockchain will push the widespread mass adoption of crypto.

Brink was delighted to announce that collaborating with a Seychell-based crypto exchange will support Gala to attain the desired results in the blockchain gaming industry.

Scope of the Partnership Agreement

A subsequent report from the Huobi team revealed that the partnership would transform the gaming industry. The Huobi Twitter community argued that investing in the development of the Layer -1 blockchain technology will create more opportunities for the user.

Recently the Huobi team has been making significant efforts in the ongoing push toward crypto adoption. The Huobi team, led by chief executive Justin Sun is pursuing regulatory approval to operate in the Hong Kong market.

Huobi plans to establish a regional office in Hong Kong to bring services closer to the crypto-proponents in the region. In the previous month, the Huobi team made a notable achievement in developing a Visa-powered debit card that will be a gateway to pursue new markets.

The new Visa card will be activated in mid-year. The Huobi users from European Economic Area will be the first customers to use the Visa debit card. Beyond this, the Tokyo-based gaming company has developed a unique platform allowing users to trade gaming products.

The Gala team has incorporated emerging technologies to enable the developers to create play-to-earn games.

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