Kevin O’Leary from the Reality TV Show ‘Shark Tank’ Gets Bitcoin Advice from Pomp

Kevin O’Leary from the Reality TV Show ‘Shark Tank’ Gets Bitcoin Advice from Pomp

It seems that the Bitcoin (BTC) craze is now making its way to the Show Business after marking its presence in the financial sector. Over the course of time, Bitcoin (BTC) has gained the attention of numerous financial institutions.

Most importantly, the Bitcoin (BTC) platform has gained support from prominent personalities from the digital-financial investing industry. One of the most prominent names known for supporting Bitcoin (BTC) is Anthony Pompliano, also known as ‘Pomp’.

Anthony Pompliano is the co-founder of the Morgan Creek Digital company and is a strong supporter of Bitcoin’s bullish future.

As per reports, Pomp had the opportunity to talk to Kevin O’Leary about the future of investing in Bitcoin (BTC) and its benefits. Kevin O’Leary is a business from Canada who is also a celebrity as he currently stars in a reality show called ‘Shark Tank’.

It seems that after talking to Pomp about Bitcoin (BTC) and its future, the Canadian businessman has had his mind changed about Bitcoin (BTC). In the past, the Canadian businessman was somewhat reluctant and not a huge fan of investing in Bitcoin (BTC) and its trends. However, Kevin O’Leary’s stance and approach seem to have softened about Bitcoin (BTC).

In the recent episode of Anthony Pompliano’s podcast, Pomp was seen talking to Kevin O’Leary about the future of Bitcoin (BTC). Pomp quoted that in the past, Kevin O’Leary did not hold Bitcoin (BTC) in high regard. As per the Canadian businessmen, Bitcoin (BTC) was never a real currency and it will never be in the future.

In addition to his stance on Bitcoin (BTC), Kevin O’Leary also shared his concerns over the volatility of crypto-assets.

However, the Canadian Business revealed that he already has invested in Bitcoin (BTC) and owns a few of them. After talking to Pomp and getting his point of view around Bitcoin (BTC), Kevin stated that he will consider spending a bit of his wealth on Bitcoin (BTC). Kevin O’Leary stated that his current wealth is around $400 Million and he will be spending some of it to invest in Bitcoin (BTC).

While talking about Bitcoin (BTC), Kevin O’Leary stated that he is not at all against Bitcoin (BTC). However, he does not support the idea of investing millions of dollars into acquiring something (BTC) that will be replaced by alternatives in near future.

Kevin O’Leary stated he would have to think twice before he invests around 1% to 2.5% of his portfolio into Bitcoin (BTC) or other crypto-assets. He also told Pomp about his main concern why he is very reluctant to invest in Bitcoin (BTC).

Kevin stated that the only thing keeping him from investing in crypto-assets is the lack of regulatory infrastructure in the entire crypto-industry.

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