Meta Follows Twitter’s Footsteps By Launching A Test For A Subscription Service

Meta has just made a major announcement confirming that it is planning to launch a subscription service for the users of its owned platforms.

It has been announced that for the users to get verified and keep their status intact, the users will proceed with launching a subscription service.

They will be putting the subscription service through the testing phase for two major platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

Subscription Service for Meta Users

As per the officials at Meta, they want to implement the subscription fee for the users using the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

It was Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO that made the official announcement on Sunday about the launch of a new subscription service. He made the announcement through the official page of Instagram on Sunday.

The Meta CEO revealed that they have launched a new subscription fee calling it the “Meta Verified” feature for verified users.

It will be a subscription fee that would be recurring on a monthly basis. The subscription fee would start from a low of $11.99 per month for web-based platform users.

As for the iOS-based users, the subscription fee would be worth $14.99 per month. Using the feature, the users will be able to get themselves verified on Meta-owned platforms.

Initial Release of the Meta-Verified Service

In the announcement, Mark Zuckerberg provided more details about the initiation of the Meta Verified service.

He revealed that they are not going to roll out the new service on a global scale. Instead, they have plans of releasing their service in the selected countries.

According to Zuckerberg, they will initially roll out their service for users based in New Zealand and Australia.

After the initial rollout, they will go on to release the new subscription fee to more countries. It seems that the company wants to roll out its service in a smart manner.

Their aim is to test out the new service in a particular region and it seems that they have chosen Oceania for that very purpose.

If the outcome is fruitful in the particular region, they will start rolling out the service in other parts of the world.

However, Mark Zuckerberg is trying out to play things out very casually as he was seen mentioning that more countries are coming soon.

He gave an indication that they are already in process of launching the service in more countries. But he mentioned that the service will be available for Oceania-based users.

Extra Perks

Zuckerberg provided reasons why their new service will be much better than the current one. He also clarified what perks the users will have access to as they go for the monthly subscription plans.

The major benefit for the users is protection that will be to the fullest for the users. The verified users will have full access to the services and features, plus their accounts will be protected with extra security.

In addition to the above, verified users will not have to wait for customer support to respond to their queries. They do not have to go through multiple channels and options in order to get in touch with support.

Instead, they will have direct access to customer support at Meta so they can discuss their queries in a prompt manner.

Blue Badge

The users will have access to adding the Blue Badge to their accounts. This way, the users will be able to generate stronger and more reliable traffic to their verified accounts.

The users will be required to provide their picture and profile name accompanied by the ID document issued by the government.

Facebook has also announced that in order for the users to be eligible for the particular service, they must be 18 years of age or more.

Other Companies with their Own Subscription Models

Meta is not the only tech company that has taken such a step of offering a subscription-based service. Other platforms such as YouTube, Reddit, and Discord already have their subscription-based models in place.

With the latest announcement, Meta’s share prices have surged by 0.26%. The shares of the company are now trading at a high of $172.88 per share.

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