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Fxp 360 Review

FXP360 logoFxp360 is a reputable trading platform offering remarkable trading services in CFD and forex trading to traders worldwide.

The broker ensures to keep its customers updated about market conditions and price fluctuations through a number of technical tools and instruments. It provides an engaging platform to its clients, providing them easy access to markets worldwide.

A detailed Fxp360 reviews is discussed below that will elaborate on the distinct features of the broker and how it is assisting traders worldwide with its competitive services.

FXP360 homepage

Trading Products and Markets

Traders can choose from millions of assets and products offered by the broker, including currencies, indices, stocks, metals, global companies, prime indices, ETFs, CFDs, etc.

The broker provides access to the global markets through its online trading platform, where the traders can buy their required assets at the price of their choice.

Charges and Commissions

The prices of Fxp360.com are affordable compared to the other brokers in the market. The exact charges and fee structure of the broker can be analyzed by the spreads of the platform.

The spreads and commissions are relatively lower for higher-grade accounts. Spreads are considered important by traders as they are mandatory for keeping a business running.

Trading Platforms

Online trading platforms allow traders to carry out their trades using electronic devices. Considering the interests and needs of its customers, Fxp 360 broker has also integrated itself with reputable trading platforms that provide the necessary tools and techniques to facilitate the customers in earning profit. Moreover, the platform help in engaging traders with financial markets across the globe.

Security Measures

The watchdogs working on the brokers set the benchmark of the authenticity of that broker. Fxp360 broker is strictly regulated, ensuring the safety of assets and funds kept with it.

The broker complies with all the guidelines and regulations ascribed by the regulatory authorities making sure the funds they keep the funds in separate accounts. In addition, the multiple security measures ensure no external entity interferes with the funds.

FXP360 website

Accounts Offered and their Features

The broker offers multiple account types, each having distinct features and qualities. Traders can choose an account depending on their trading experience and continue to trade with the broker.

Moreover, traders are also offered to utilize the demo account before investing their funds with the broker. The minimum deposit amount required by the broker varies with the account type.


Training and educating the traders is a significant step before entering the financial market and initiating the trade. Fxp360.com also focuses on the education of its customers.

For this purpose, the broker has dedicated a separate section on its official website that contains all the necessary educational material, including tutorials, lectures, guidebooks, magazines, and seminars.

Moreover, in case of any query, the traders can directly contact the broker and resolve it immediately.

Customer Security

Fxp360 takes its customers into confidence, ensuring higher security levels for their data and funds. The broker confirms the authenticity of the customers trying to access the funds before enabling them to withdraw or deposit funds.

Moreover, each geographical region has separate jurisdictions; therefore, the broker ensures that the customer follows them. Traders must follow the KYC and AML policies before working with the broker.

Trading Instruments

Traders need to analyze and comprehend market conditions correctly.

Therefore, Fxp360.com provides its customers with several trading tools and strategies that can help develop a correct analysis and enable them to look at the market scenarios from multiple perspectives.

Moreover, the trader also learns to tackle the high volatility and price fluctuations of the crypto market.


Fxp360.com is engaging its customers all around the world in social trading through its diverse trading platform. The flexible accounts offered by the broker also ensure it tackles all the requirements of its customers, making sure they remain intact with the broker.

In the increasing competition in the financial market, Fxp360 has carved a dominant position among brokers.

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