OKX Launching AI Technology to Assess Crypto Market Performance

The prolonged crypto winter necessitated the Seychell -based crypto exchange OKX to collaborate with EndoTech.io to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technology that would monitor market performance. The EndoTech.io team incorporated AI-based technologies such as machine learning, internet of things (IoT), and other proprietary infrastructure to develop a system that will monitor the market trends and movement of prices.

The new development will utilize AI algorithms to analyze the market and identify new trading opportunities. An announcement conveyed by EndoTech.io chief operating officer Dmitry Gooshchin on March 31 reveals providing the trader with a comprehensive understanding of the crypto market will boost their trading experiences.

He was pleased to announced that through the AI integration the trader will yield a substantial income from cryptos.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Recently the OKX team has been exploring the AI space to spot new opportunities. On March 30, it was reported that the OKX team utilized ChatGPT-4 to formulate an AI-powered poem.

AI technology has taken the crypto market by storm despite the ongoing speculation from the Twitter’s chief executive. The industrial heavyweight in the crypto world has adopted AI technology to monitor blockchain-related transactions.

Additionally, companies at their growth stages have been utilizing AI technology to launch autonomous economic features crucial in trading. AI has revolutionized the corporate sector by providing innovative solutions to customers and ensuring the timely delivery of service.

However, critical dominoes in the blockchain and metaverse sector have teamed up with more than 2600 crypto-native individuals to resist adopting AI technology. They argued that AI would slow human potential, which is a risk to creativity and innovation.

Recently, AI ChatGPT-4 has made headlines due to its massive potential to transform the digital space. The ChatGPT-4 technologies have created mixed reactions among investors and consumers.

Still, a more significant number of fast-growing businesses have adopted AI to boost user experiences.

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