OptioPay Appoints Naser Al-Shraydeh as the Chief Financial Officer

The German fintech platform, OptioPay announced on Tuesday that it would be rebranding its platform. The announcement, however, contains the appointment of a new Chief Financial Officer in the person of Naser Al-Shraydeh.

Naser will be joining the company from Bridgemaker GmbH, where he has gathered about 15 years of experience in the financial industry. Per the press release, he will be in charge of the strategic financial alignment of the firm while focusing on HR, compliance, performance management, and business intelligence development.

At his previous workplace, Bridgemaker Naser served as the VP of Finance and Portfolio Management for more than a year. Additionally, he still remains the interim CFO of the automotive company sitting in Berlin, aboDeinauto.

His previous experience and involvement in the financial industry revealed that he focused on merger and acquisition consultation and operational, strategic finance. He has spent few years in various leadership roles, including Lumas, KPMG, eBay, and some other companies.

The CEO and founder of OptioPay, Marcus Borner, said, “Naser Al-Shraydeh is a great addition to the management team of our company, and he will make a great contribution to the reinforcement of the position of OptioPay as the leading provider of open data loyalty platform.”

A Strategic Time to Onboard a Financial Expert

The appointment of Naser Al-Shraydeh at OptioPay happened after the company concluded its Series B funding round recently which was led by EOS Ventures Partners, where about €11 million was raised. This company which was founded in 2014, has been operating in the Netherlands and the DACH region and has onboard a few big names as clients in the financial industry.

In addition, the company is looking to launch a new open data product suite where about three customer bases, including advertisers, publishers, and consumers, will be targeted.

Borner added to his statement in the appointment of Al-Shraydeh, “He is coming on board at a very crucial yet exciting time as we are getting more committed to ensuring our customers get the best returns from our services through the new product suite, positioning, and branding.”

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