Playground Price Skyrockets Due to 359.65% Rally and it May Shoot up to $0.001614

The past 7-days have proven to be positive in general for the entire cryptocurrency market. It seems that the entire crypto-verse is moving towards an uptrend as it seems to be making a positive rebound. However, the general elevation of the crypto-verse is not very high but still, it is in the greens.

Then there is Playground (PLAYA) which has caused a frenzy in the entire investors’ market with its performance in the past 24-hours. The CoinMarketCap report shows that the value of Playground has reportedly surged by 359.65%, and it has happened in just a matter of 24-hours.

Due to the rise, the value of Playground has been shot up to $0.0004788 per PLAYA. Playground is now one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies in the entire crypto-verse and almost every investor wants to get his/her hand on it.

The demand for Playground can be measured with the trading volume growth (688.89%), it has achieved in the past 24-hours. The valuation of Playground has also elevated at the same rate as the value of Playground.

Technical Indicators for Playground

Going back a few days, we see that the value of Playground was at a low of $0.0001018 per PLAYA. Then it was the huge input of the bulls who saw potential in the cryptocurrency and decided to make hefty investments.

They kept pouring in money for Playground, and its value kept surging. The value of Playground reached an all-time high of $0.0006446 per PLAYA, before it experienced a price correction. Soon, the price of Playground fell and came all the way down to $0.0003159 per PLAYA, but it didn’t fall lower than that.

This meant that the $0.0003000 per PLAYA price had become the strong psychological support mark for the investors. Therefore, they didn’t let the bears push Playground’s price even come close to it and launched their counter. From there, the price of Playground continues growing at a fast rate and has reached the particular mark.

The oscillators, moving averages, RSI, and even the ultimate oscillator are all going in favor of the strong bullish elevation for Playground. This is a strong positive signal for all the investors who want to benefit from Playground. They can acquire as many Playground as possible, which would keep increasing its market demand and value. At the moment, over 90% of the investors are willing to buy Playground, and add it to their wallets.

How High Would Playground Grow?

With such strong sentiments, the investors may continue investing in Playground, increasing its value to $0.0009093 per PLAYA.

As the bulls keep increasing the buying potential for Playground, more investors would keep coming in to acquire more Playground. This would result in pushing the price of Playground to the second resistance mark ($0.001318 per PLAYA).

If the bears are not able to make a comeback and show no strong defense, then the bulls may keep pushing, elevating Playground’s price to $0.001614 per PLAYA.

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