Price Analysis of 1SAFU (SAFU) and Whive Protocol (WHIVE)

1SAFU Experienced a 53.32% Price Soar

The trading price of 1SAFU underwent a strong rally due to the strong buying sentiments of the investors. The report suggests that 1SAFU experienced a 53.32% surge in a 24-hour window to get to its current high trading price of $0.000000963 per SAFU.

Before the rally was formed, 1SAFU was being traded by the investors at a low of $0.0000007346 per SAFU. The relative strength index for 1SAFU is currently exhibiting a score of 51.58.

The other oscillators are also currently backing up the bullish trend and may provide more confidence to the investors. With these factors working in favor of the bullish run, the investors may continue making huge investments in 1SAFU.

With such strong buying sentiments, the trading price for 1SAFU may get pushed up to a high of $0.000001381 per SAFU.

It is expected that the bears may try and work up a selling spree to bring the trading price of 1SAFU lower. However, the strong buying sentiments of the bulls may not let them take back control of the trend.

This would work out further in favor of the bulls, helping them in forming a great rally. As a result of the great input of the investors, the trading price for 1SAFU may enter the strong resistance zone. There, the first resistance checkpoint the investors may try and hit would be $0.000001654 per SAFU.

As the bears keep moving out of the competition, the bulls may use the withdrawal of the bears to their advantage. They may build up a strong buying force in the upcoming days to form an even stronger rally. This would eventually help the bulls build up enough force to break through the strong barriers of the bears and hit $0.000001987 per SAFU.

Whive Protocol Experienced a 57.36% Price Soar

The trading price of Whive Protocol currently stands at a high of $0.01067 per WHIVE. The investors have invested a tremendous amount of money into Whive Protocol in the past 24-hours, forming a 57.36% rally.

The constant buying of the investors has also elevated the trading volume of the Whive Protocol by 99.05%. Going forward, the buying power of the investors may continue rising as more investors begin to join the trend.

They may continue going for higher gains of Whive Protocol to support the trend and keep the rally alive. The line on the candlestick pattern on the performance graph of Whive Protocol means that the bears currently have now power.

The bulls may buy any dip that the bears try and create to steer the tradition into the negative zone. With such sentiments, the trading price of Whive Protocol may get pushed up to a high of $0.01582 per WHIVE.

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