XRP Expected to Hit $2.55 by End of 2022 If US SEC Loses

It’s been almost 18 months since the legal fight between Ripple and the US SEC. Both sides are still going at each other to prove the other side wrong and win the case. Still, neither of the parties has found any success in the ongoing scuffle.

While both entities keep criticizing one another, the cryptocurrency analysts want to believe that the case will be won by XRP. It is natural for cryptocurrency analysts to side and back the entity they are connected with. They are not legally bound to not make any positive predictions about XRP.

Until proven guilty, the followers and analysts reserve the right to hold their own opinion about XRP.

Positive Predictions for XRP

Throughout the hearing phase, several occasions have come where it was assumed that Ripple would win the case. However, every time such assumptions were made, the US SEC would find strong evidence to turn the tables against Ripple.

This is something that has been taking place between both parties for a very long time. Still, it seems that the matter is far from being settled. Neither side is ready to give up, which is why there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding XRP in the crypto market.

While new developments are being made in the Ripple-SEC case, the investors and analysts in the crypto-verse want to know the future of XRP. The majority of the predictions being made by the crypto analysts are positive and predict the high growth of XRP.

XRP’s Projected Price if Ripple Prevails

The predictions made by the analysts for XRP may get fulfilled only on one condition, which is Ripple winning the court battle against the US SEC. If that happens, then XRP’s worth may surge to $2.55, and the price may be witnessed by the end of 2022.

The $2.55 figure doesn’t come from a single analyst but an entire panel of experts. One of the major comparison websites known as Finder.com recently posted its survey results for XRP. The website had asked experts the same question and asked for their price predictions for XRP.

The majority of experts agreed upon the court battle condition getting fulfilled for XRP hitting such a high price. The $2.55 price has now become a forecast for XRP in case Ripple prevails against the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Things were going really well for XRP before the US SEC hit them back in December of 2020, claiming it sold unregistered securities in the US. At that time, XRP existed as the third-largest cryptocurrency with a market valuation of over $40 billion. From that point, XRP’s price continued plunging and it got pushed out of the list of top 10 most valued cryptocurrencies.

Still, XRP’s reputation and demand in the Asian region have helped it survive through difficult times. It didn’t XRP long to make it back to the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies. Now, XRP exists as the 7th largest cryptocurrency in the entire crypto-verse.

The panelists even made their predictions surrounding XRP up to the year 2030. According to the panelists, if XRP wins the case, it has may hit $3.61 by 2025, and by 2030, it may have hit $4.98.

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