Price Analysis of Dripto (DRYP) and NDN Link (NDN)

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Dripto Price Pushed up by 73.30%

After experiencing a strong resistance at a low mark of $0.01708 per DRYP, the price of Dripto has finally pushed higher. It took the investors a 73.30% rally to push the price of Dripto to its current price of $0.03398 per DRYP.

The bulls have rallied at a high rate causing a huge push not only to the value of Dripto but also its trading volume. The trading volume for Dripto has been pushed up by 115.24%, and the volume recorded for Dripto in the past 24-hours is worth $1,172,856.

As the investors keep going for higher gains, the price of Dripto may continue surging. In the upcoming days, the bulls may have enough opportunities on their side to push the price of Dripto up to $0.04643 per DRYP.

By acquiring more and more Dripto, the bulls may continue building up stronger momentum. This would ensure that the rally continues for a longer period of time, supporting the bullish trend. As the trend continues, the RSI and the moving averages for Dripto may soon follow.

This would result in pushing the price of Dripto all the way up to the first strong resistance mark of $0.05494 per DRYP.

It is being expected that the sentiments of the investors may also start turning bullish and the general preference of the Dripto investors may become positive.

This would allow the bulls to hit a stronger rally with aim of pushing Dripto’s even higher. If the bulls manage to achieve their goal, then the price of Dripto may surge to $0.05998 per DRYP.

NDN Link Price Pushed up by 68.88%

NDN Link bulls have also demonstrated high sentiments towards the acquisition, which has formed a 68.88% rally in the past 24-hours. On March 26, the value of NDN Link stood at a low of $0.001352 per NDN.

However, the bulls launched a strong attack against the bears which resulted in pushing them out of the competition. Despite all the efforts, the bears haven’t been able to match the buying prowess of the bulls.

This has helped the bulls in showing off their true potential to the entire NDN Link investment community. They are now moving to the bullish side, witnessing a strong acquisition power.

If more investors keep joining the bulls, then the price of NDN Link may grow up to $0.003218 per NDN. Over time, the moving averages and the RSI for NDN Link may cross the middle line and move to the ascending channel.

Such behavior of the technical factors may boost the confidence of the bulls in hitting higher targets. The first high resistance target the bulls may go for would be $0.003772. Going forward, the next high resistance mark the bulls may hit for NDN Link would be $0.004422.

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