Price Analysis of Shiba Toby (SHBT) and Snowy Owl (SNO)

Shiba Toby (SHBT) and Snowy Owl (SNO) have performed really well in the past 24-hours. This is the reason why several on-chain data analysis firms have shared their analysis on both cryptocurrencies. The firms have tried predicting where the prices of Shiba Toby and Snowy Owl would be in the upcoming days.

Shiba Toby

The price of Shiba Toby has reportedly experienced a high surge in the past 24-hours that has rushed its bullish rally. The analysis report shows that the value of Shiba Toby experienced a 258.42% surge in the past 24-hours. Following the surge, the trading price of the SHBT/USDT pair has moved up to $0.00000009184 per SHBT.

Even the trading volume for Shiba Toby has rushed tremendously in the past 24-hours, being pushed up by 2744.89%. At the time of publication, the recorded trading volume for Shiba Toby is worth $67,964.

At present, the RSI for Shiba Toby is moving in the bullish terrain and if it remains there, then the moving averages for Shiba Toby may also move in the same zone.

This would result in pushing the value of Shiba Toby all the way up to the first resistance mark ($0.0000002105). If the bulls keep acquiring Shiba Toby and the momentum keeps rising, then the price of Shiba Toby may rise over the second resistance line ($0.0000003465).

As the buying power of the investors keeps rising, more neutral investors would come to their aid. This would result in a very strong rally, which may push the price of Shiba Toby to a major resistance mark ($0.0000004584).

On the other hand, the bears may also try inflicting huge damage to the bulls at the current price. If the bulls fail to sustain the pressure from the bears, then the price of Shiba Toby may end up falling lower. The first low mark the bears may attempt for Shiba Toby would be $0.00000008265 per SHBT.

If the selling spree keeps growing stronger, then more investors would go for higher selling of Shiba Toby. This would push the value of Shiba Toby down to $0.00000006695 per SHBT.

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