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QuantBitex logoNow might be the best time for anyone in this world to start trading. You might have procrastinated for a long time in deciding whether you should trade or not, but I am here to tell you that you should not delay this decision anymore. When the internet was invented, no one had thought that things will change so abruptly. While people are busy in benefitting from the internet in all the possible ways, an online trading platform has come to give them yet another way to do that. If you have been thinking about making money from the comfort of your bedroom, now is the time to do that.

I am sure that you must have looked at the many online trading services providers by now, but I can assure you that this one is completely different. I am talking about QuantBitex, which is a company that you might not have heard about yet. However, you will soon start discovering more and more about this company because of the program that it is about to bring for traders from around the world. Yes, you will be making money from cryptocurrency trading, but you can now call the few years old method of trading the traditional way because you will be doing it in a completely different manner.

I am giving you this detailed QuantBitex review so you can get complete idea of what I am talking about. So, here we go.

QuantBitex Review

Trading TypeCryptocurrencies, Stocks, FX, Shares, Options, ETFs
Trading StyleAutomated (Financial Advisor-backed)
Trading AccountsFour (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
Monthly SavingsUp to 30%
No-interest LoanUp to 40% of Deposit
Minimum deposit250 EUR
Maximum Leverage 1:400
Customer Service24/5

QuantBitex – Crypto Trading Redefined

Automatic Trading at Its Pinnacle

What’s better than trading cryptocurrencies? Answer? Trading cryptocurrencies automatically. Yes, on this platform, you will be in a position to trade automatically. In other words, you won’t be trading manually on your own. You won’t have to pick trade, put your money in the trade, and press the “buy” or “sell” button. All you have to do is sit back and relax while the trading platform takes care of the trades for you. Who could have thought just a few years back that people would be trading the newest currency of the world, i.e. cryptocurrency, on an automated trading platform?

What happens is that when you sign up with QuantBitex, you have a financial advisor to take care of your trades. They take care of all the investments that are made with the money that you deposit in your trading account. This takes away the risk from your trading journey, which is always there for new traders when they have to trade initially without any knowledge of what will work and what won’t. So, in this particular case, you will just deposit funds in your account and let the financial advisors take care of the rest for you. On the other hand, you have an automated system that picks the right trades on your behalf and executes them.

You have to understand here that there are some advanced and polished algorithms running at the core of this system. These algorithms have been designed to pick certain trends in the market. They know what indicators and signals point to the decline in the market of an asset and which ones show that the asset is about to go up. This is just a basic way to explain the very complex way algorithms work to pick the best trades for you. So, with analytically picked trades, you can expect to earn profits on most of them.

Have you seen what experts tell you when you start trading? The first thing they tell you is that you should not let your emotions come in the way of your trading. Could there be a better way to do that than to let an automated trading platform do all for you?

QuantBitex Algorithms

Quantum Computers to Power the Algorithms

There should be no doubt in your mind that algorithms can be very complex. They are looking into hundreds of different factors at the same time. They then deduce results based on those factors, historical data, and many other aspects. To do that, they need powerful computers and lots of computing resources. That’s where you have to make sure that the company you are signing up with is providing you with the right resources. Here, I can tell you that the setup from QuantBitex is one of the best you can get your hands on.

You might have heard about quantum computers. These computers use quantum mechanics to ensure that they perform at a level that has not be heard of before. They are hundreds and thousands of times better than the computer that some companies are using today to power their operations and servers. You can imagine the power of these computers. When they power a setup for trading like they do QuantBitex’s setup, you can be sure that everything will happen without any glitches, problems, and delays. All the trades will be completed without any problems, and you never end up with any unpleasant surprises.

QuantBitex investment platform

Investment Platform for All Devices

Now, it should be clear in your mind that you will not be performing the trades manually. You will be on a trading platform where all the trades will be taking place automatically. The more important part is that you will be looking into these trades whenever you wish to. Just because the trading will take place automatically does not mean that you will not be a part of the process at all. Yes, the financial advisor is there to direct your trades in the right direction. Yes, there is an automated trading system. However, you will be a constant part of this all and you will know the movement of the money in your account.

You are getting a trading platform that you can use on any device that you own. I have been with many brokers in the past and I can tell you that they can be a nuisance sometimes. They are a nuisance especially when they ask you to switch your device only to download and use their trading platform. That’s not a great thing to ask from traders these days. In the modern world, things happen according to the needs and requirements of the customers. So, a trading platform that does not blend in with the modern lifestyles of the traders is not a good platform at all.

I am sure you will not feel that way when you sign up with QuantBitex. This company is providing you with a trading platform that runs on all the major devices and operating systems. Whether you like iOS or prefer Android phones, you will not have a problem using the software. You will be using it without any compromise on its potential even if you trade on your desktop computer. This is what modern trading should look like and I think this company is providing you with that exact experience.

QuantBitex Account Types

Account Types and Easy Deposits

Opening an account with QuantBitex is not a problem at all. You have four choices, and each choice has been separated based on the amount of money that you have to deposit and the features you get with the account. The more money you deposit at once, the better account you will get. A better accounts offers you better features, which means you can benefit as a trader in more ways when you go with an expensive account. The first account has been named as the basic account by the company. This account comes with basic features and can be opened with very little money.

To be precise, depositing only 250 EUR in this account will activate it and allow you to take advantage of the financial advisors and the automated trading platform. Then there is the silver account, which you can open with only 2500 EUR. The other two accounts are called the gold and platinum accounts. As mentioned earlier, you can enjoy more features if you go with higher accounts. For example if you go with the gold or platinum account, you will have a direct line that will connect you to your account executive.

In addition to that, you will also get daily market reviews with these two accounts. The same features are not there in the basic and silver accounts. You also have a VIP mentorship program that you can only take advantage of when you go with either the gold or platinum account. Of course, these advanced accounts require bigger initial deposits as well.

Now, when it comes to depositing money in your account, the first thing you will like is that you don’t have to worry about any fees that you don’t like. There are no bothering and annoying fees from this trading platform. You can just deposit money easily. You can also use the methods that you are most familiar with. You don’t have to stress yourself out because you will not be doing anything new. If you have a Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro credit card with you, then you can deposit your money with ease.

QuantBitex No-interest Loans and Profit Percentages

No-interest Loans and Profit Percentages

You are going to love this feature. Now, if you have been reading carefully, you have a good opportunity to connect the dots at this point. I told you that you will not be trading manually on this trading platform. Since the platform is doing the trading for you, it should give you a clear indication that you are making an investment in which someone else is working for you. They are helping you invest your money in the right direction and giving you a percentage of the profit. The percentage that you get from these investments depends on the amount that you have in your account.

This is an amazing way to trade because someone else will be entering the trades and making sure to make money from those trades for you. You will be going into this as an investor. Now, there are two ways you are going to benefit from this entire setup.

Firstly, you have the no-interest loans. Yes, the amount that you have deposited in your account, you will be able to get a loan on that amount. This loan will come to you without any interest. Yes, you read that right. If you take out the allowed amount from your account, you will not have to pay any interest when you return the money. If you have the basic amount, this loan amount will be a 10% of the deposit you make. You can make it 40% of your deposit if you go with the platinum account.

The second benefit you will get from your trading account with QuantBitex is that you will get profit percentages. That’s the difference between you opening an account with a traditional online broker and opening one with this platform. When you open an account with traditional brokers, you trade and earn profits. These profits are accumulated in your trading account. You can pull those profits whenever you want. However, if you are not successful with your trades, which has a high chance of happening because you are new, you will lose all the money in your account.

That’s not going to happen when you sign up with this company. It is opening more like a savings account with it. You open the account, put your money in it, the trading platform trades automatically, and you get the money in the form of an annual percentage. With the basic account, this percentage will be 6% on your account holdings. On the other hand, if you go with the most advanced account on the list, your profit can be 9% of the amount that you have in your account. Isn’t that great?

Huge Leverages

When I first looked at the way this company works, I thought there were not going to be any leverages. How could a company offer leverages when it was already offering so much. I was getting profits on my account. I was getting loan from my deposits without any interest rates. What other things could the company do for me? Well, I was surprised when I found out that the company was also offering leverages on my account. This meant that I could enter some really big trades because of the amount that I could manage with the leverage.

You will be surprised to know that the leverage from QuantBitex start from 1:50. Yes, it might not be the biggest in the industry, but with a basic account, I can tell you that it is a lot. Think about it, you are getting 50 EUR from the company that you signed up with for every 1 EUR that you are willing to invest in trading. But that’s just for the basic account. It gets better when you go to other accounts. For example, if you go with the silver account, the same leverage will rise to 1:100. You can eventually get leverages of 1: if you pick the most expensive account, namely

Again, these leverages are there but you won’t have to use them manually. If you know about traditional trading, you have to use the leverage yourself because you are trading on your own. The problem with that type of trading is that you have to put a lot at risk. When you involve leverages in your trades in the traditional format of trading, you are taking a huge risk. Yes, you can multiply your profits through leverages, but you can do the same with your losses as well. Isn’t it better that there are better experts and a perfectly designed trading platform trading on your behalf without you taking risks and panicking?

SSL, KYC, and Segregated Accounts in Place

The sign of a great trading platform is that you get the best of everything. I can tell you from my personal experience that some online companies are doing certain things well only to impress you. If you look at the thing they are doing the best, you will like them. However, if you try to get an overall picture of everything, you will find out that there is a lot wrong with the company that you have decided to sign up with. For example, they might not put your money in segregated funds, and I can tell you that that’s a point of concern for any trader in the world.

With QuantBitex, you can rest assured that every penny that you deposit in your account will go into segregated funds. In addition to that, you will never have to be tense that the company that you have signed up with is not ethical with its way of working. I can guarantee you that a firm that has proper KYC and AML policies in place really knows what they are doing. They are offering you a great trading platform where you can feel safe. They will never allow anyone to sign up on the trading platform unless they provide proper information. Proper information means that everyone who signs up with QuantBitex has to deliver their personal identification, banking, and location information.

Not only that, every person who signs up with QuantBitex has to make sure that their information is delivered in pictorial format as well. You can’t just provide the number of your credit card on the website and think you have done your job. What if there is someone who is providing your stolen information to the broker? In this particular, that’s not a possibility. Since QuantBitex asks for pictures of the documents, no one can use stolen information. Furthermore, the authentic information that you provide on the website will be protected through encryption.

QuantBitex trading education

Trading Education

Here comes the point that I really want to talk about separately. I have been on many online trading platforms. They all talk a lot about their trading education. At first, I was never really interested in all that information. I always thought that I could get whatever information was necessary for trading from the internet. However, I soon realized that people were ripping me off in the name of education. They provide some basic information and charge me a lot of money for that. In fact, that happened with me with some online brokers as well.

They all said that I was going to enjoy the trading education they had in store. However, I soon realized that they were not offering me anything more than some generic information. So, I signed up with them, paid a lot of money to open trading accounts with them, and all I got was something that I could easily learn from YouTube. Things really changed when I signed up with QuantBitex. I can tell you that the trading education from this company is what you can really call education. The best part is that it is all focused on the type of trading that this company provides.

I understand that you are not trading on your own. However, does it mean that you should not learn anything about trading? You must not forget that you are putting your hard-earned money into automated trading through algorithms with QuantBitex. Despite the fact that there is a bot-like trading platform trading on your behalf, you should know what it all means. That’s where I think this online trading platform can really help you. It will help you learn all the amazing concepts in cryptocurrency trading. This will help you explore other opportunities that might be there on the internet waiting for you. In the meantime, you can let your trading account grow with the company and make annual profits.

Final Thoughts

So, you can say that QuantBitex has come up with the perfect online trading platform that allows you to be in cryptocurrency trading without requiring you to enter the trades yourself. You can forget about emotional trading or killing your mind on the thought of trading or not trading assets. You have a trading platform that can take care of it all. You have financial advisors to help you with everything. In addition to that, the big leverages and small first time deposits means that you should not have any issues starting with this trading career.

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