Digital Fashion Industry to Welcome Nonfungible Tokens through a New Platform

Digital Fashion Industry to Welcome Nonfungible Tokens through a New Platform

In the past couple of years, nonfungible tokens have gained an enormous amount of popularity and success in the online industry. Several music artists and sports companies have found NFTs to be the best medium for interacting with their fans and followers.

The NFT technology has also provided a platform for new and upcoming artists to interact with their fans directly. With the adoption of the NFT technology, artists get to benefit from their music by selling them directly to their fans. They are able to do this without the involvement of any third parties or intermediaries.

As per updates, the nonfungible tokens have now started making their way all the way to the fashion industry. As per the latest news, DIGITALAX has just launched a platform for digital fashion that will be based on the NFT protocol.

DIGITALAX has communicated what it aims to do with the launch of the new protocol. With the help of the digital fashion NFT based protocol, it is aiming to introduce the assets into the mainstream markets.

The officials of the DIGITALAX have confirmed that it is a self-funded project. The aim of introducing this platform is to address some of the major issues. These issues include the supply chain for the decentralized digital fashion and programmable scarcity.

The company has provided clarity as to how the users will be able to benefit from the NFT Protocol. With the help of the technology and tools integrated into the new protocol, the developers and designers will be able to interact/collaborate with each other. They will be able to develop VR fashion assets, patterns, interoperable gaming assets, and digital materials.

DIGITALAX communicated what more benefits its protocol will have to offer its users. With the help of the new platform, the designers and developers will be able to create their own products and auction them. In addition to this, the users will also be able to stake the virtual garments they create.

DIGITALAX has revealed that the new protocol has been created after the efforts of 30 different members. These talented and hardworking professionals have collaborated to introduce a Global Designer Network. At present, the members working on the new protocol are based in Africa, the U.S., and Europe.

At present, the 30 members are working together to introducing hyper-realistic virtual cosmetics and 3D skins. Once created, these assets will be purchasable by any user through the protocol’s marketplace.

With the introduction of the new protocol, DIGITALAX is aiming to introduce revitalize virtual reality and the gaming sector. In the world of technology and advancements, these two sectors are the ones that have empires worth trillions of dollars. Therefore, gaining success in these sectors would cement NFTs’ future on the mainstream platform.

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