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RoyalStox Review

The world we live in is full of diverse ways to make a fortune out of little or even nothing at all. Opportunities lie in every corner of the world for those who know where to look. Opportunities exist in the business circle, opportunities exist in the engineering field, and countless opportunities are available in the financial world.

All opportunities come when a problem surfaces, and this is the global principle of value. When there is a problem with one or more groups of people, an opportunity to solve that problem presents itself, and whoever brings the solution to the issue opens the doorway of possibilities to a whole lot of people just by converting the problem into a life changer for people.

Half the world would crawl at the feet of whoever can solve their financial problems, and this is because the challenge of finance can make or break a person (or even a family, a group of people, a business, a nation, name it). The world powers that exist are those who have found a way to secure a lot of money such that even if they do not make money anymore (which is very much unlikely), they can still sustain themselves for many years without shaking. 

It is rumored that the United States of America (USA) can sustain itself for the next fifty years in the unlikely event that the country stops making money for that long, this should help us understand why the USA is esteemed as the leader of the free world.

Invariably, the challenge of trying to attain financial freedom spurred financial experts across the globe to find a way to beat the problem of economic enslavement, as they have come up with a whole lot of solutions that have attained the purpose for which they were made. These solutions range from insurance to cryptocurrency, to forex, to Stock exchange, and many other financial liberating ideas.

One of the most exciting options for these financial solutions is Forex trading. It is quite interesting because it can turn a person into a millionaire overnight, but if you are not careful, it can make you wish you never came to the world. As a result of the risk and volatility of the market, it is easy to lose everything to Forex trade with a lot of factors not put into consideration. 

Forex trading is buying a currency when the value is low and selling it when the value is high. This is the simplest definition one can give to Forex trading (Forex is actually derived from two words: Foreign and Exchange). Some people try to complicate the definitions in different ways, but in the most basic form, forex is buying and selling money. 

Now, because the definition is that simple does not make the process of engaging in Forex trade that simple. There are a whole lot of factors that help successful Forex traders make a profit from trading; factors such as global trends, trade indicators, profitable pairs, specific tools, and the right Forex broker, among many other technical factors. While it is true that it is easy to make money from forex, it would be incorrect to assume that you can just jump into forex and create a consistent income that would be the error of a generation. But not to worry, there are only a few simple decisions you can make that would help you with all of the technicalities of the Forex trade market, as you will get to discover later on in this article.

Another very prospective financial solution developed by experts is Cryptocurrency trading. The advent of the cryptocurrencies endangers all other forms of liquidity. Cryptocurrency, in simple terms, is virtual money, that is, money spent in the virtual world (the internet).

The cryptocurrency world is one of the most promising financial market solutions that exist in modern-day, this is because cryptocurrency was created when the world was in a mess economically, money had lost its value, and so a lot of millionaires got broke overnight; ordinary people became poor overnight, in short, the world was in a severe mess economically. Thus, due to the loss of financial control by global bodies on the level and regulation of liquidity in the world, there was almost nothing people could do to get out of the mess. 

To get out of this mess, someone in Japan invented a system of virtual money that could not be affected by economic meltdowns or regulatory board. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be made, but now there are tons and tons of them available. The unique thing about this form of money is it normally does not lose its value, unlike the fiat forms of money that depend on a whole lot of factors that are out of the control of human beings. Cryptocurrency usually increases in value with time because it does not depend on one single Nation’s economy or industry to stay up. 

Cryptocurrency trade is a very prospective form of financial trade, such that cryptocurrency, though not as quick as the Forex trade, can also turn a person into an overnight financial success over time.

Now, there are a whole lot of agencies who have taken upon themselves the burden of figuring out the technicalities of these forms of trade (Forex and Cryptocurrency), but the problem is knowing which of them to choose from because as stated earlier in this review, the wrong broker can turn into the worst nightmare for any trader in the financial market.

There are diverse investment brokers who promise the world and deliver a village; there are those who do not even deliver at all. Likewise, some want to take advantage of the financial situations of people by defrauding them. The issue is, no institution would want to sell themselves shortly before a prospective client even if it means lying to the client, it is now your duty as a trader or investor to decide what you want and who can deliver the things you want in the time you want, it is all about you and no one else.

There are a couple of green marks that you could use to determine the best investment broker for your financial goals, and quite honestly, all these marks are embedded in the RoyalStox platform. At the end of this review, it would still be your choice as to which broker to choose, but please follow along as we try to review together the RoyalStox platform to help you make a proper financial decision choice.


Trading platformWeb-based
Assets coverageCryptocurrency trading

Forex trading (Seventeen (17) currency pairs)

CFD (Contract For Difference)


DepositsBank Transfer, MasterCard, Verve card, e-wallets
Education and TrainingYes
ProductsCryptocurrency trading,

Forex trading (Seventeen (17) currency pairs), stocks,

CFD (Contract For Difference),


Parent companyRoyalStox
WithdrawalBank Transfer
Customer support24 hours a day
RegulationsCyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Demo accountYes
Minimum depositEUR 500

RoyalStox is a conglomerate of experience gathered by professionals in the trading industry over a span of many years. They have a platform that is synchronized to adapt to the trading needs of everyone, such that the broker’s platform has a lot of tools which are embedded in order to make the trading experience of its clients and investors, an enjoyable and pleasant experience. The broker’s platform is quite versatile as it covers a wide range of assets ranging from Forex trading assets to cryptocurrency assets, indices, CFD (Contract For Difference), and other assets.

The experience with which the RoyalStox platform was created is seen as obvious in the fact that the platform is designed in such a way that it has something for everyone, from the novice investor to the big fishes of the finance world.

Their platform is geared towards an all-round successful trading experience, as seen in the versatility of trading pairs available for clients on the RoyalStox platform. In the bid to increase the chances of trade success for the client, the RoyalStox platform makes available educational materials to make sure the decision of the trader is well informed. The trading academy of this broker is geared towards ensuring that traders and investors are equipped with the necessary tools and materials to have a successful trading experience. Through this, traders can learn new market tactics, try out new trading analysis, and perfect their trading deals and techniques.

The customer support unit of this broker is well informed in terms of client management, forex, and crypto assets, such that they can effectively and professionally handle all requests, questions, and queries of the company’s numerous clients across the globe.

Another essential feature of the Royalstox brokerage firm is the security measures put in place to ensure the safety and protection of its customers. The funds, accounts, information, and investments of traders on the platform of this broker are well secured from the activities of hackers.


Dynamic Range of Trade Assets

The RoyalStox platform is optimized and geared towards the success of the average trader, and so they have made available, numerous range of options for the client to choose from, while duly informing and educating the clients of the possibilities of each trading assets.

The broker offers over fifteen (15) currency pairs for traders to choose from in the Forex trading section, as well as providing diverse instruments of trade, to make sure that each client is satisfied, and equipped with multiple options to make huge profits in the market.

 Besides, the broker has a relatively wide range of profitable cryptocurrencies to choose from. 

They also provide for their clients the Contact For Difference trade option, and this is something especially unique as the possibilities of profit in the CFD trade are in both ways; that is a trader can make money while trading up (when a specific trading asset gains value), or trading down (when a specific trading asset loses value).

The possibilities are just endless on the RoyalStox platform.

Trading Security

The issue of insecurity of traders is one major red flag you want to watch out for when deciding who to trust with your investment, as there are investment brokers who have let their clients down because they could not accurately secure their trading platform from the hand of hackers. There are even some who claim to be investment brokers but are in truth, fraudsters. Hence, security is a salient factor you want to watch out for when deciding which investment broker to commit your funds to.

The RoyalStox platform places a great emphasis on the security of the trade, as well as the funds of their traders. The broker uses a very sophisticated encryption technology innovation to ensure the safety of its trade platform. Furthermore, the broker employs the Know Your Customer (KYC) international policy, which ensures that all clients of the broker must pass through a verification process. Also, the KYC policy demands that they go the extra mile to verify the identity and background information of their customers to prevent possible hackers from getting into their system in the name of a trader.

In the unlikely case that the platform is hacked, the encryption on their platform is such that the hacker would not be able to make do with anything he/she would see because it would not make any sense. Thus, the broker makes use of encryption on the information and communication between the clients and the server.

Verification of the security provisions of all trading platforms you commit your funds to is essential and crucial.

 The RoyalStox platform is quite very safe.

Moreover, the services of this broker are under the regulation, control, and scrutiny of financial regulatory authorities like the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Numerous Educational Resources

Education and training resources provision is another very compelling way of determining a good investment broker. Any company that is into investment brokerage must have at least a group of experienced financial experts who would be able to foretell financial trends by studying global happenings and what they hold for the business world.

The RoyalStox platform provides educational resources for everyone who registers on their platform. Still, more importantly, they have made available an education center to allow traders to attend webinars as well as register for various financial courses that would further increase the trade success chances of their clients.

Dynamic Range of Trading Account Options

The RoyalStox platform has also made available a hierarchy of possible users to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to trade assets irrespective of their financial class.

There are five classes of trading accounts on the RoyalStox platform, each with its dynamic benefits and features.

You can be sure these five account classes have something that covers every possibility of your financial needs. These are:

The Micro account, 

The Standard account, 

The Platinum account, 

The Premium account, and 

The VIP account. 

Top-Notch Customer Service

The RoyalStox customer service is also another very unique feature of this splendid platform. Their customer service runs round the clock, 24 hours. The broker boasts of a responsive, professional team of customer service representatives who are friendly, well informed, and courteous.

Web-Based Trading Platform

The Royal2fx trading platform is available on their website so everyone can easily access the platform and go through their trading business without stress. Thus, the trading platform of this broker can be accessed on any internet-enabled web browser.


Financial investments require a lot of meticulously detailed planning, and it requires paying attention to self-explanatory details as well as the tiniest of details. It requires being able to foretell market trends and paying attention to every detail and opportunity in the financial market.

The RoyalStox platform is one that has taken into consideration all of these details, including technicalities that would be to the advantage of the trader on its platform. 

RoyalStox is the go-to broker when you decide to invest in the forex and crypto financial market.

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