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Safe Holdings Review

Safe Holdings logoIn the online trading universe, there are a lot of scam brokers that are always ready to snatch money away from you. Therefore, you need to find a trusted and reliable broker comprising all features of a genuine trading platform. As I have researched a lot about brokers, I have come across Safe Holdings that seems attractive to me from all perspectives. In the given below section, I will explain everything in the Safe Holdings review.

To trade online is not a simple task at all, as it requires hard work and dedication on your side. You need to be conscious of everything whenever you are going to trade with any type of trading platform as the number of scam brokers has increased in the recent few months. You must follow some necessary steps to check its validity as reading their policy page to know what services they offer to their customer base. Additionally, you should also read reviews about a particular company. But for Safe Holdings, you will read all positive reviews written by those who used broker’s trading services in the past.

Brief Intro to Safe Holdings

Safe Holdings claims to be one of the safest trading brokers that help thousands of people in gaining financial freedom. It is written on the website of the company that one can gain access to more than two hundred trading markets through a single platform of Safe Holdings. The features and top-notch characteristics cannot be described in a single note as there are so many positive things about it. It is a versatile trading place where you can trade assets, including Forex, cryptocurrency, commodities, shares, CFDs, and indices. With Safe Holdings’ help, trading multiple trading objects becomes an easy task for people who are ready to adapt to trading as their professional career. Therefore, wise and professional traders will always recommend you to use this site if you seek a piece of advice from them because they know its worth.

It has been available in the market for a long time and has a positive track record of making people rich in a very short amount of time because it has hired people who make things easy for traders and investors all over the world. It also has priority over other brokers in terms of the 24-hours trading volume.

Safe Holdings website

Various Account Types

As you know, there are different circles of investors in terms of investment and money when it comes to the question of funding. Safe Holdings respect all investors and also considers their needs and requirements, which ultimately led them to design certain account types for traders and investors. There are five accounts you will confront when you open an account with this broker. The account types are designed depending on the investment limit and features of these packages. A beginner trader should not go for a VIP account because its investment is very high. Following is the necessary detail about these five accounts of Safe Holdings.

  • Silver Account

With the Silver account, there are tight spreads, which normally begin from 0.0 pips. The users will be able to enjoy the customer services six days a week without any interruption and make things right for themselves. The withdrawal option is open seven days, and one can get his amount in his bank whenever he wants. The deposit limit for this account type stands between 10,001 and 20,000. Furthermore, the leverage also ranges at 1:20.

  • Gold Account

Gold account is more advanced and improved than the previous one in terms of all features and functionalities. The control over the account has also increased. The minimum deposit limit is 20,000, and it goes up to 100,000. The quarterly dividends are also available for those who are willing to open a gold account for them. They are allotted with competitive personal account managers who are always ready to help in increasing the profit ratio of investors on their investments. The welcome bonus facility has been increased to 40%.

  • Platinum Account

This account is specially made to satisfy the trading needs of investors who are able to deposit at least 100,000 in their account. The time for withdrawal approval requests has decreased to three days only. Similarly, the owners of this particular investment are capable of getting up to a 60% bonus. Access to the premium trading room is also unlocked when someone opens an account with Safe Holdings.

  • Diamond Account

Retail FX traders could happily join the Diamond account type as it is specially created for those because the minimum trade size stands at 0.01 lots. The minimum deposit limit for the diamond account starts from 200,000, which is, however, a big amount. The features of the Diamond account include quarterly dividends, a complete money management plan, daily market reviews, monthly cashback, VIP mentorship program, one-to-one educational course, four weekly managed sessions, and trading alerts.

  • VIP Account

This premium investment package is only for premium traders and investors. One trade of the investors can go up to as high as 60 lots with the VIP account. If someone wants to start trading with the VIP, he needs to deposit at least 500,000 for further processing. The requests for money withdrawal will be approved on the same day. The leverage capital of this account type stands at 1:150. Daily sessions could help traders in improving their way of earning a profit on big bets. Furthermore, the owners of VIP account can also attain benefits of the VIP mentorship program and a complete money management plan.

Diverse Trading Markets

Traders not only approach Safe Holdings for the trading of cryptocurrency, but access to other potential markets is also possible with it. It the responsibility of the broker to cater to potential investors as it calls itself a versatile broker dealing will all kinds of trading markets. Access to different markets is only possible with Safe Holdings as it has all those features that should be present at the top of the list trading platform. Following is the detail about trading assets markets.

  • Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has got the attention of big asset management companies and banks that have started giving crypto services to their customers. The coming of digital assets in the market has also empowered traders who belong to the middle-class strata of life in terms of money and social life. The trending digital assets in the crypto space include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, XRP, Cardano, and some others.

If we talk about the progress of Bitcoin, then there is no doubt that the top digital currency has achieved so much reputation all over the world. Within a decade, it becomes capable of challenging the dominance of gold bullion which is known as a hedge investment instrument in the circle of investors. The world’s top asset managers are now considering adding Bitcoin to their balance sheets and decreasing their reserves of gold because Bitcoin is the modern hedge product that has the capability to outperform all other assets in both price tag and market cap. Its feature of halving is one of the biggest reasons to push its value to the sky limit. The limited supply of the flagship digital asset has attracted the attention of investors from all over the world. No person or entity can create a single BTC on their own, and that is the beauty of Bitcoin, which influenced such a large number of customers.

Besides Bitcoin, there are other cryptocurrencies as well that also capture a big user circle. Ethereum has now crossed the price tag of $2,000 easily and is continued to make big achievements. Digital assets have become popular in the financial community because people want centralization and want no external manipulation, such as in the form of government policies. Due to pandemic, investors do not want to waste their money as a result of fiat money devaluation. Rather, they want true to double their money, which is now only possible with Bitcoin and other potential crypto projects.

  • Forex Trading

The forex market’s liquidity is very high as the trading volume of the market normally reaches up to trillions of dollars on a daily basis. A lot of opportunities for traders and investors are present in the forex market if they put investments in a true sense. In this type of market, traders trade currency pairs, which seem more optimistic and profitable for them. We can see a lot of people who have become billionaires only by investing in the world’s top fiat currencies; we come to know that this particular market has a lot of potential, and we only need true guidance and training on how to snatch our share of profit.

On the platform of Safe Holdings, a trader can find trending currencies, including USD, EUR, JPY, and GBP. However, if someone wants to play with his luck, he can even invest in less popular currencies, such as HKD, RUB, and TRY.

  • Commodities

The option of commodity trading is also opened with this broker as you can invest in a lot of commodities, such as oil, gold, natural gas, and many more. Safe Holdings has also promised its customer base of providing a reliable and genuine technical analysis of the market as technical analysis opens new gates of enlightenment to traders. Moreover, trading signals also are also presented to investors, which help in making the right decisions at the right time. With the assistance of Safe Holdings, you can buy, sell, and trade a variety of commodities. In this way, you can reach the world’s most established markets in terms of profit returns and opportunities.

Further, investors also have another option of investing their precious money in CFD products. CFDs are, however, risky investments, but they can provide high returns, which are not possible with a traditional range of instruments. It is recommended that professional traders should go for CFD products as they can manage the complexities of the trading world. Beginner traders should avoid such types of things as they can lose their hard-earned money.

In precious metals, investors can hold their money in the form of gold. During difficult times in the traditional space, gold always performed well and provided high returns on investments. In addition to gold, traders can also go for silver, which also seems a charming trading product. Through Safe Holdings, people can get fast access to the commodity markets.

  • Indices

People joined with Safe Holdings can also check their luck by trading indices, which is also a charming investment avenue of the online trading universe. The famous indices which you can trade with Safe Holdings include NASDAQ 100, ASX 200, S&P 500, NIKKEI 225, and some others. The more you dive into the world of indices, the more you will get opportunities for investments. At the time of opening and closing of markets, a trade can make high earnings by investing in short as well as long positions. With a good trading strategy, a person can make unlimited earnings on the trading of products and investments. The low fee structure and tight spreads also help you to gain maximum profit on indices trading.

Safe Holdings trading markets

Efficient Trading Platform

The trading platform offered by Safe Holdings is efficient and works according to the needs of users. The easy-to-use interface of it creates comfortable feelings when trading with the brokerage firm. The real-time data of the trading markets prove beneficial for traders as they can make trades at the right time, which ultimately leads towards a high ratio of profit. People who are already using this trading platform have high notes for this and gave promising reviews. On the basis of these reviews, I can say that it is one of the best performing trading platforms out there. The advanced and state-of-the-art trading platform of Safe Holdings has changed the lives of so many people.

The tools offered along with the platform are very effective in drawing a true technical review picture of the markets. With the help of these tools and drawing charts, traders can do technical analysis, which makes things easy for them.

The option of an exchange platform is also available to those who have opened an account with the broker. With this, one can exchange currency pairs as well as digital currencies.

Trading Tools Along with Safe Holdings

If we compare Safe Holdings with other brokers, we come to know that it provides more tools than any other trading company in the market. It is due to its diverse range of tools that it is so popular in the ranks of traders and investors all over the world. These Tools make your trading path easy and secure.

Traders can enter into the market with long and short as it is a method of trading that works in opposition to the normal process of trading. The particular account dedicated for short can increase the price of a digital asset if its value decreases in the real-time markets.

A very few trading platforms in the market offer the facility of leverage, but one can find this facility on the platform of Safe Holdings. The leverage rate for Bitcoin on Safe Holdings is standing at 1:100. With just $1,000 in your account, you can make a bet up to $100,000. Such as a high leverage option is not available on any other trading site.

Access to Professional Customer Support

Customer support is an integral part of online trading sites, and without a customer portal, a broker is incomplete because it is the only way of connection between a company and its clients. The team of Safe Holdings customer section is comprised of professional people who are always ready to help traders and investors in their activities.

If you are facing some issues, then you can connect with their customer support team. You will get an immediate response from them as they remain functional 24 hours a day and six days a week without any break. Furthermore, their way of conversation is also very friendly as they do no create a fuss for users.

Is it Secure?

Security of money is a necessary thing when a trader opens an account with an online trading company. Safe Holdings has created a positive reputation for itself in the market because it safeguards its customers’ funds by implementing all necessary security protocols. One should feel secure and sound when joining this broker as it has incorporated state-of-the-art technology in its website. The wallets of the company are segregated from users so that any kind of cyber-attack does not get access to clients’ wallets. Moreover, the team of Safe Holdings is professional that does not let any illegal activity happen on the platform of the broker. You can join this site without any fear of losing money as it always helps people to grow their assets.


At the end of the review, you will be able to decide whether to continue trading with this broker or not. But the things mentioned above in the review are true and genuine, and one cannot undermine its reliable nature. Through Safe Holdings’ platform, one can get access to multiple trading markets without any interruption as it is known as a versatile trading platform.

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