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SMIMarkets Review

SMIMarkets logoThe online trading world is captivating for those who are daring and keep their heads high. They have the courage to pour in money for the purposes of taking part in trading in return for gaining extra cash and in some cases to excel in their trading careers. But the fact of the matter is that trading is not a child’s play, it requires experienced skills and a powerful mind. But even that is not enough. The traders need assistance and guideline to remain on the path of trading where they not only survive but be able to make their living. There are hundreds of online brokerages who are offering their services to assist online traders in trading, but only a handful are reliable, and SMIMarkets is one of them.

SMIMarkets is a brokerage firm established in the year 2002 which provides professional services to its customers who are part of the brokerage for a very long time. SMIMarkets is the Inventor of No Dealing Desk Forex Execution Model and provides fast and efficient execution of trading transactions. It also provides exclusive account types for all kind of traders, whether they are newcomers or experienced in trading and can be customized in accordance with the specific requirements of an account-holder. It also has a competitive customer service that is available 24/5 for its traders.

SMIMarkets and its reliable products

Since its launch in 2002, SMIMarkets has been able to provide most lucrative opportunities of trading which have benefitted majority of its traders and even today the traders are conducting their day to day trading assignments in the following trading products: –

·         Trade Forex

Forex or FX trading is a trading where currencies are bought and sold. Usually these currencies are available for trade in the forms of “pairs” where each currency is easily known from their three letter codes. For example Euro is known as “EUR” and Dollar as “USD”. Forex is considered to be the largest trading market with daily transaction of over $4trillion and suit every type of trader around the globe.

·         Trade Indices

Indices trading is a unique trading product in which index is a measurement or price indicator which shows the price performance of the markets from a particular exchange, country or sector. Prices of an index can be effected for various reasons such geopolitical events and natural disasters. However, the index market is a low risk market and if a trader is able to gain 10% in indices is a huge success.

·         Trade commodities

The process of buying and selling of raw materials and agricultural products like grains, gold, beef, oil and natural gas and many more is called commodities trading. Commodities are divided into four categories like Metals, Energy, live-stock and agricultural. Commodities trading can be very benefitting because supply and demand of the commodities can be effected by the unpredictable situations which allows a trader to make profit and at sometimes bear loss.

SMIMarkets accounts

Own an SMIMarkets accounts for a pleasant trading journey

To start your trading journey, you have to own an account with SMIMarkets. The present customers of SMIMarkets have been enjoying 5 different account types which all consist of distinct features that are better than the first one. The account types are: –

·         Beginners

It is an account that is suitable for the investors who are completely new to the world of trading. To own this account, minimum deposit of $250 is required. With leverage of up to 100 and wide spreads, traders can easily trade 50+ currencies through this account. It is recommended for those who have zero knowledge about trading.

·         Standard Account

Traders can open Standard Account with the deposit of $500. It has a leverage up to 200 with variable spreads. After owning this account investors are offered distinct services of a personal account manager, who is highly qualified and expert in the field of trading. Personal account manager attend the problems of the investors and solve their issues by employing his expertise.

·         Gold account

The most popular account type with SMIMarkets is the Gold Account in which investors are being provided with the negative balance protection to protect their investment. It requires a minimum deposit of $5000 and has a maximum leverage up to 1:300 with wide spreads. Fast and transparent execution of products is the trait to look for in the Gold Account.

·         Diamond account

To acquire Diamond Account a trader would need to deposit $10,000. Diamond account is for pro-level traders and comes comprises of features such as personal account manager. This account has a special feature of risk management planning that helps you how to sustain the unstable circumstances of the market and how to manage your assets under unwanted situations.

·         VIP account

It is an account for the exceptional investors who have spent several of years in trading world. No deposit is needed to open VIP account but interestingly you need to earn this account. Because it is a special account therefore special treatment is given to VIP Account which can only be signed up through special invitations. It has all the features of the other four accounts but there are some distinct features which puts VIP account on top. It can be customized, has leverage up to 1:400 and VIP spreads as well as offers services of a personal account manager. Private analyst sessions are also provided to the traders so as apprise them about the prevalent conditions of trading industry.

SMIMarkets trading platform

Customer support service

SMIMarkets also provides the finest customer support service to its clients. It has formed a team of trading experts, who remain at all times available to assist the traders in their trading transactions. These experts are not new to the field, they are the experts who have spent several of years in trading.

Why trade with SMIMarkets?

Over the years SMIMarkets is sustaining its position among the investors very successfully and has acquired the reputation of being a most reliable platform for the worldwide traders. With SMIMarkets traders can trade in a wide range of trading products which can offer lucrative opportunities of successful trading. Trading with SMIMarkets provides security of trader’s assets and funds. It is an award winning combination of amazing features and transparent services that can lead you to experience the trading which a trader has never experienced before.

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