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Solid Invest Review

Solid Invest logoAfter the first-ever cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) evolved in 2009, several more have been developed so far and they have earned a great deal of popularity over the course of the last decade. Many people have got attentive towards crypto trading and have changed their fortune by becoming rich out of it. They were also trapped in typical jobs like you are now but they took a bold decision to quit their jobs and stormed into the world of crypto trading. And now they are busy counting their money they have made out of crypto trading. What they simply did is that they joined a regulated crypto brokerage from the market and started trading with it. If you are also tired of your job then you can also choose the same path they did. You can start your crypto trading with any regulated broker such as Solid Invest the one I am going to describe today. This broker has a great reputation in the industry and can be trusted with its offerings. I am going to examine this broker critically exploring each and every aspect of it.

The following is the outline of my review:

review– About Solid Invest
– How Solid Invest Works
– Intuitive Trading platform
– 5 Unique Account Types
– A Set of Advanced Trading Tools
– Extensive Asset Index
– Impressive Security Infrastructure
– Reliable Customer Support Service
– Conclusion

About Solid Invest

Solid Invest is a leading cryptocurrency brokerage firm that is entirely focused on offering advanced level services to each type of trader either experienced or non-experienced for trading various cryptocurrencies. These services are of high-quality nature and easily fulfill traders’ requirements. Traders feel the highest level of comfort while trading in the financial market with the Solid Invest broker.

As a top brokerage, Solid Invest makes use of the advanced social platform to make the process of trading smarter and simpler for traders. To meet upon the varying requirements of each individual trader, the broker has individually designed multiple different trading platforms. As trading is successfully done under an easy and fair-conditioned environment, the broker has developed a stress-free and secure trading environment that keeps traders mentally calm.

Moreover, by using the award-winning trading platform of the broker, you can access several financial markets and to let you access a range of different markets is the key operation upon where the broker remains completely focused and active. The broker has set the goal to become a top-level investment advisory in the industry and the world’s leading trading platform providing brokerage. To turn this achievement into reality, the broker is working day and night for improving its services’ quality that it provides to its clients in order to win their trust.

A range of features and services are there that you get to use once you sign up with this broker. But first things first, you should be aware of the fact how this broker works before knowing about its features and services because if you don’t know how to get started with this broker you cannot test out its services. So let me briefly describe its working process.

Solid Invest

How Solid Invest Works

To get started with the Solid Invest broker, you are required to follow three simple steps and you would come to know how this broker works. These three steps are illustrated below:

Step – 1: Sign up and Register

The first step is very simple and easy. In this step, you sign up and register yourself on the website of the broker. The broker asks you to provide your personal information required for your registration on the site such as your full name, email address, password, and contact number. As soon as you submit this information to the broker, your registration is completed and your trading account is opened. After your account is verified, you are provided with a free crypto wallet on the broker’s trading platform which you can use to store your crypto assets.

Step – 2: Deposit Your Money

You won’t be able to operate your trading account until it is funded and that is the next step you have to take. You have to fund your account with Solid Invest by depositing money into it. The broker gives you the flexibility to choose your desired deposit method to deposit your money into the crypto wallet you get from the broker.

Step – 3: Start Trading

After you have opened your account, earned a crypto wallet, and have funded it with your deposit money, you are ready to start your trading. You can buy or sell a wide range of cryptocurrencies supported on the trading platform using your Solid Invest trading account.

Solid Invest Services

The followings are the services that the Solid Invest broker is offering to its clients.

Intuitive Trading platform

The trading platform is the software that you use to execute your trades. It should be user-friendly, simple-to-use, and should work efficiently and smoothly so that you can place your trades conveniently. Most importantly, the trading platform should be equipped with up-to-date technology and powerful trading tools because if you do not get to trade on a modern platform, you may not be able to complete your trades effectively which may result in the loss of your money. A trading platform plays an important role in your trading therefore you should be wise enough to choose a broker who offers you a well-designed trading platform. Only a particular range of brokers out of all provide you with the kind of trading platform you desire.

The Solid Invest broker is one of them. It has developed a scalable and intuitive trading platform designed to meet the needs of end-users. Designed and created for both novice and advanced traders, the trading platform boasts a simple and easy-to-navigate interface. The broker has designed its trading platform in a way that it can be accessed on various other devices either they are using a mobile device or PC desktop. Integrated and equipped with highly-advanced trading technology, the broker assists traders in maximizing their profits by making trading easier for them. Another impressive quality of this trading platform is that it is enriched with useful trading tools that can be used to facilitate trading. trading platform
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In addition to this, the broker’s trading platform is well-secured and is protected by a strict security system. Therefore, there is no chance for hackers to hack this platform. Through this intuitive trading platform, Solid Invest delivers its clients an engaging, effective, and simple trading experience. On this platform, you are provided with everything you need to trade crypto, stocks, and CFDs actively.

5 Unique Account Types

Every trader present in the market is different ranging from the beginner to professional. Their needs are not the same. Their requirements are different based on their skill level. Therefore, it is difficult to adjust them into just one trading account. Keeping this crucial fact in view, the Solid Invest broker has devised multiple trading accounts in an attempt to meet up with varying needs of different kinds of traders. Instead of offering three standard account types, the broker now offers five different trading account options from where traders can access the account type they want according to their risk tolerance. These account options are:

Explorer – First Trading Plan

The first account type that the Solid Invest broker has developed is called Explorer. This trading plan has been designed particularly for those novice traders who have just shown up to trading and are relatively new to the financial market. The Explorer account type requires a minimum deposit of $500 and a maximum deposit of $2000 to open this account. Therefore, those who think their capital lies in between this range can start trading with this account. This trading plan comes with some basic features. You are welcomed with a 30% welcome bonus. The broker provides you with a 24/7 customer support service along with a professional chart.  

Basic – Second Trading Plan

The Basic account is the second trading plan added by the broker on the platform. The broker has formulated this account type for those traders who have earned some exposure to trading as well as of the financial market. For this trading plan, the broker has set the minimum deposit at $2000 while the maximum deposit at $10,000. The holder of the Basic account is given a welcome bonus of up to 50%. If you have opened this account for you, then you are provided with a personal analyst for your service. Apart from this, you have the facility to attend introductory private sessions with an analyst. The broker also keeps you updated by providing you with financial research and weekly market reviews.

Silver – Third Trading Plan

This is the standard trading plan which is mostly preferred by traders. Known as the Silver account type, this account best fits the needs of advanced traders who have a great knowledge of trading and financial market. They are also capable of tolerating high risks. They can open this account up by depositing a minimum amount of $10,000 or a maximum amount of $25,000. As the account is of an advanced type, therefore, it comes up with advanced features. It gives you a welcome bonus of 75% instead of 50% and you receive monthly private sessions with an analyst instead of weekly along with the features of the first two account types.

Gold – Fourth Trading Plan

After that, there is the fourth trading plan for you in the form of the Gold Account. The minimum deposit set by the broker for this account type is $25,000 while the broker gives you the flexibility to go as high as $99,000 for opening this account option. With this account type, your welcome bonus gets increased from 75% to 100%.  The impressive feature of this account option is that you are provided with the Smart Money Management Plan. Other features are also given to you as well.

Platinum – Fifth One

The last trading account type that you may come across on the trading platform of the Solid Invest broker is called the Platinum account. This trading plan has been devised for highly professional traders who can easily handle big risks out there in the market due to their high-risk tolerance nature. Moreover, they can afford the deposit amount of this account which touches the limits of the sky. The minimum deposit amount that the broker demands you to submit for accessing this account option is $100,000 and the maximum amount is $499,000. This account comes with a lot of benefits. You are given a direct line to your account analyst. The Senior Account Analyst makes Long Term Financial Plan for you. You receive a high welcome bonus of up to 150% from the broker. Moreover, you are provided with 5 protected trades from an account analyst.

Trading Tools

A Set of Advanced Trading Tools

When you invest in trading, you want to make the best out of it and it is only possible if you have powerful trading tools standing on your side helping you to boost your trading. Without trading tools, it is very unlikely for you to trade efficiently. Taking into account your need of trading tools, the Solid Invest broker has added a set of advanced trading tools on the platform. Powered by the latest technology, these tools are the effective one and help you to double your profits. While trading with Solid Invest, you can have an innovative interface with real-time depth charts, easy to use charting tools, trade history, order books, and various other effective tools.

Extensive Asset Index

Before you sign up with any broker, it is necessary for you to check out its asset index because there are some brokers who only offer a very limited range of crypto assets for trading. Their asset index only consists of two to three major cryptocurrencies and that’s it. As a result, it creates a problem for those traders who wish to trade with more than one digital asset but eventually, they don’t find more. In the presence of only a few assets, it becomes difficult to make a perfect investment portfolio and the chances of maximizing profits also get decrease with it. Therefore, it is worth to check out the asset offerings of the broker before making any decision.

In the case of Solid Invest, you do not need to worry about its asset offerings. It is very well known in the industry because of its vast and impressive asset index which consists of a wide range of crypto assets. There are more than 250 cryptocurrencies supported on the trading platform of the broker. This asset index includes the top crypto assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDC), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Tezos (XTZ), TRON (TRX), Dogecoin (DOGE), and some minor ones which are not so popular like these but they still are profitable. In the presence of such a diverse asset index, you can easily make out your perfect investment portfolio and maximize your profits.

The best quality of Solid Invest is that it also gives you an opportunity to trade CFDs on various other trading products such as stocks as well apart from offering the trading of cryptocurrencies. You can also trade in the forex market if you wish.

Impressive Security Infrastructure

If you want to trade with crypto, then you should also be aware of the fact that the world of crypto is full of scams. And you need to be careful on every step because you may fall into the trap of scammers at any time. As the world has turned to be more advanced, hackers have found various new ways to hack major crypto exchanges as well as brokerages. When you decide to use the services of a broker, it means you are going to provide your confidential personal information to it and if the broker’s security system is weak then hackers may succeed to break it down and get their hands onto your personal data. This raises serious concerns for you. Therefore, it is certain for you to check out the security policy of the broker.

Solid Invest shows serious concerns about the security of your sensitive information. With Solid Invest, your personal information remains safe and secure because the broker has an impressive security infrastructure. Its security policy is very strong and powerful. The broker has implemented various advanced security measures to make its system more strict and unbreachable. First of all, the broker exploits the highly-advanced Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technique for the protection of clients’ provided confidential data. The implementation of the encryption technology ensures that your data cannot be accessed by any unauthorized entity. Secondly, all of your funds are kept separate from the funds of the broker into some segregated accounts to avoid the mixing of funds.

Impressive Security Infrastructure

Apart from this, there are Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies as well. In the presence of the Anti-Money Laundering policy, it is not possible for someone to withdraw or deposit funds to someone else’s trading account. While on the other hand, the presence of the Know Your Customer policy ensures the verification of users.

Reliable Customer Support Service

Apart from prioritizing the security of users, the Solid Invest broker has also shown seriousness in providing a reliable customer support service to its clients. The broker knows that its clients may face certain issues while trading in the crypto field. They may encounter any problem with navigating the trading platform or they may want to know about withdrawal or deposit processes. To sort out such kinds of issues, the broker offers the service of its customer support team that is highly professional and knows how to resolve the problems of customers. The team is very cooperative and can be reached at any time by clients.


As Solid Invest strives to provide you with an expanding asset selection, dedicated and reliable customer support service, personal assistance, and impressive security to your personal information, therefore, it is a great option for you to start your trading with.

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