Spotify Getting Ready to Get into Crypto-Payments

Spotify Getting Ready to Get into Crypto-Payments

Although the year 2020 has been very harsh on the global community, yet it has been the best year for the online trading industry. The current year has observed an enormous amount of adoption and developments when it comes to the cryptocurrency industry.

The cryptocurrency has been gaining fast mainstream success and is showing no signs of stopping. The best thing about the crypto-blockchain industry is that it has not remained limited to one particular ‘finance’ sector.

Over the course of time, the crypto-blockchain industry has spread its roots and branches into many other global sectors. Some of the major sectors apart from finance are arts/illustrations, eSports, sports, health, trades, and tourism.

However, lately, the crypto-blockchain industry has started gaining a lot of popularity in the music industry. There are several DJs, musicians, songwriters, singers, producers, and composers that have collaborated with different crypto-firms. In the majority of the cases, these individuals have interacted with the crypto-blockchain entities to introduce NFTs.

The main reason why the crypto-blockchain industry is gaining so much popularity/adoption in the music industry is that it eradicates the involvement of middle-entities. The industry helps connect artists directly with the fans and vice versa. The artists can also have personalized tokens (non-fungible-tokens) created, so the fans can pay for the content and music using those tokens.

Now it seems that the crypto-blockchain industry has gained the attention of a music-streaming giant known as Spotify. Spotify has recently announced that it is looking for candidates who are experienced/trained in the crypto-programming and system setting. This means that Spotify has started a new designation at their company.

The company has recently posted ads through their website and forums that stated that Spotify is looking for an associate director. The description suggests that the associate director will be responsible for managing the company’s innovation and payments strategy department.

The company also posted the same ad on LinkedIn, which as per the LinkedIn platform was posted on Wednesday. Spotify, it is looking for someone who will have a key role to play in the company’s advancement in the payments sector.

In addition to the above, the associate manager will also be looking after the company’s involvement with Facebook’s crypto-project ‘Diem’.

Furthermore, the position will also require the representative to keep a close eye on the entire crypto-market, especially the crypto-assets. This would also include the central bank digital currency (CBDC) projects. By keeping an eye on these markets, the representative will have to run reports that will be utilized by the company to make well-calculated decisions in the digital investments sector.

Spotify has also mentioned that the person selected for this role will be based either in the company’s Stockholm office or London office. However, there will be a lot of traveling involved between these two offices along with the rest of the company’s offices around the world.

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