Stock Price Movement of Pfizer, Expedia, and more Companies

Pfizer – Shares Surged by 1.7%

The share prices for Pfizer have experienced a 1.7% surge in premarket trading. The drugmaker experienced the surge after sharing its earnings for Q1 of 2022. In the report, Pfizer revealed it beat the estimations that were made by the analysts.

Pfizer officials revealed they generated higher revenue and earnings for the respective quarter. As per the executives, the Refinitiv analysts had predicted Pfizer would generate revenue worth $23.86 billion and earnings worth $1.47 per share.

The executives confirmed that the revenue they generated was worth $25.66 billion and the earnings they generated were worth $1.62 per share.

Expedia – Shares Plummeted by 13%

In the premarket trading, the share prices for Expedia experienced a 13% dip. The reason behind the share price dip for the travel booking site operator was mixed earnings results for the first quarter of 2022. The estimations that the actual earnings for Expedia were up against were made by the analysts on Wall Street.

After sharing mixed results that included gains and losses, the analysts at Wall Street made a change to the share price targets for Expedia for the running quarter. The highlight shared by the executives for the first quarter of 2022 was the company experienced a loss narrower than the analysts’ estimations.

For the respective quarter, the analysts predicted that Expedia would incur a loss worth 62 cents per share. However, the loss Expedia executives reported was worth 47 cents per share.

BP – Shares Surged by 7.7%

The share prices for British Petroleum (BP) experienced a 7.7% surge in premarket trading. The petroleum company experienced a surge after sharing its earnings for the first quarter of 2022. British Petroleum executives confirmed that they have generated much stronger earnings than the estimations made by the analysts.

Despite sharing strong earnings, British Petroleum has revealed that they have taken a huge hit by exiting the Russian market. Due to their recent move, they have taken a hit worth $25.5 billion.

Clorox – Shares Surged by 2%

The share prices for Clorox have experienced a 2% surge in premarket trading. The share prices for the cleaning products maker have experienced a surge after sharing its strong earnings for the first quarter of 2022.

According to Clorox, they generated revenues worth $1.81 billion. The earnings they generated for the respective quarter were worth $1.31 per share. On the other hand, the analysts at Refinitiv had predicted that the earnings Clorox would generate would be worth 97 cents per share. As for the revenues, it was predicted Clorox would generate $1.79 billion.

Despite the strong earnings, Clorox has shared weak guidance for the rest of the year. The company has given the high inflation rate as the reason behind generating lower sales for the rest of the year.

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