Stock Price Movement of Wheels Up Experience, Anthem, and more Companies

As the stock market report has been posted for today, several companies have recorded rises and falls. Among these companies are the ones whose movements are quite significant, whether they delivered positive performances or negative.

Wheels Up Experience Stocks Make a High Move

The share prices for Wheels Up Experience have reportedly grown higher in premarket trading. The stocks for the private aviation company rose after the release of performance data in the last quarter of 2021.

The company has revealed that in the last quarter of 2021, it was expected to record a loss of 25 cents per share. However, Wheels Up Experience ended up experiencing a loss of 31 cents per share from the respective quarter. This meant that the actual loss that the company has experienced is 6 cents more than the expected loss.

The performance factor where Wheels Up Experience performed extremely well as revenue generation. For the respective quarter of 2021, Wheels Up Experience revealed it had generated $345 million worth of revenue.

The officials revealed that Wheels Up Experience had generated 64% higher revenue than it had generated in the same quarter of 2020. In addition to the revenue stats, Wheels Up Experience also shared the active membership stats that were quite promising.

For the fourth quarter of 2021, Wheels Up Experience revealed that the active memberships recorded 31% growth. As a result of sharing promising revenue figures, the investors have started pouring in more money to increase the demand for Wheels Up Experience’s shares.

The data shows that in the premarket trading, Wheels Up Experience’s stocks have surged by 4%.

Anthem Shares Hang in the Middle

Just recently, Anthem has made a public announcement in regards to its operating name that has gathered mixed comments from the investors. The health insurance company has announced that it is planning to change its operating name.

According to the officials, they are in the process of gaining approval for changing the name of the company from Anthem to Elevance Health. The sources at Wall Street have revealed that they are currently going through all the processes for gaining approval from the shareholders.

The approval process would require them to acquire a majority vote in favor of the executive decision. If the shareholders vote in favor of the proposal, Anthem would be changed to Elevance Health.

The officials have clarified that the change in the name is not to change the entity of the company. Instead, they are aiming to gain more corporate exposure in the global market, and want to give the company a new name for that.

Genesco shares are set to go up

Genesco, a major retailer of footwear and accessories has recently shared its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2021. In the report, it shared the profit and revenue figures that were much higher than the estimations. The firm revealed its e-commerce sales soared 36% while its same-store sales soared by 10%, compared to the same quarter in 2020.

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