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TCN Markets Review

TCN Markets logoTCN Markets is a newfangled online platform equipped with brokerage features that can be used for trading different assets conveniently. It is a platform where traders can trade with confidence because it is completely safe and secure. In this TCN Markets review, you will be given information about all the major features of this brokerage platform.

Trading Platform

As soon as the moment you would open this platform, you will notice that the platform has been designed by putting up a great effort. All its features are designed with extreme care only to bring satisfaction to customers’ minds. The most impressive thing about the platform is that it has flexibility for traders. You will see every minute detail is perfectly strategized and the appearance is also ravishing.

The trading platform of TCN Markets is equally useful on computers and mobiles. For computers, the web trading platform of TCN Markets is more suitable while for the mobiles, the designated apps are comfier. Overall, the web trading platform brings traders in a position where they can capitalize on every available opportunity.

TCN Markets website

Simple Registration Form

The first task a trader needs to perform on a platform to be able to execute trades is to register with the broker. The registration form of TCN Markets is very simple as it contains only a few fields and only basic information is asked from the clients. Traders are required to enter the following information in the form.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Phone number

TCN Markets provides another registration method as well which is more time-saving. You can register by linking your Facebook or Google account with the platform.

Deposit Methods

The next impressive feature of TCN Markets is its simple and legion deposit methods. It is a mandatory task for all traders to deposit funds in advance. Traders can fill their accounts by using any of the three available methods; wire transfer, credit cards, and online apps.

A wire transfer can be made by visiting any branch of any international bank. Credit cards of Visa and master card are also accepted by TCN Markets. Online payment apps of HSBC and Skrill are also linked with this platform and you can easily initiate the payment.

Account Types

Another feature of TCN Markets that is the most impressive from my perspective is multiple trading accounts. To serve its 11,000 clients in 52 countries, TCN Markets has created four different tier-based accounts for its clients named Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP accounts.

There is an initial deposit limit set by the broker on all of these accounts and you would require at least 1k US dollars to sign up. A gold account is more expensive than a Silver account as it requires 10k US dollars. The initial deposit limit to sign up for Platinum and VIP accounts is 50k and 250k US dollars respectively.

Now I will give you a quick overview of the features offered in these accounts for the clients. First of all, the broker charges no hidden fee which is a sigh of relief for traders. Other features include frequent market updates, 24/6 customer support, webinars, price alerts, and an account manager.

Expert Advisor

The Expert Advisor is a fascinating feature offered by TCN Markets. Expert Advisor is not a person but software that is built-in in the TCN Markets trading platform. Through this software, the broker enables its customers to operate mechanically.

This software gets in the driving set for the trader and executes the operation according to the preset parameters. At first, it might seem unrealistic and risky but Expert Advisor monitors every minute detail in the market to identify buying and selling opportunities. The Expert Advisor provides two amazing benefits that are discussed below.

TCN Markets expert advisor

  • Zeros The Emotions

Automatic trading (Expert Advisor) eliminates all the emotions from trading which results in rational thinking. It becomes easy to make decisions and follow the rules by keeping emotions at arm’s length. The software has no emotions and it never breaks any discipline. In addition, it wastes no time thinking while deciding as compared to humans who procrastinate and overthink a lot.

  • Objectivity

The rules for automated trading are absolute and there is no space for any interpretation. As the software follows parameters strictly, even in the most difficult situations it abides them while traders often get overwhelmed by emotions.


As the broker has vowed to help both the new and experienced traders, it has provided educational material as well. Experienced traders might not think this feature as useful but let me tell you that there is always room for betterment and learning. Firstly, there is an FAQ section where the traders can find answers to the most repeated questions. Usually, multiple traders face the same problem that is why it is a very useful feature.

The second educational feature at the TCN Markets is the Glossary. In the glossary, the information is presented in alphabetical order so that traders find it effortlessly. The broker has covered 67 different topics related to online trading in the glossary section.

Trading Products

Here at the TCN Markets platform, traders are allowed to trade numerous trading products such as stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Further, CFDs (contracts for deposits) are also granted on all the mentioned trading instruments. The number of total available trading assets is more than 100 as every trading instrument provides more than a dozen trading assets.

Final Remarks

Apart from the basic features required for trading, TCN Markets is providing plenty of other impressive features as well. Its features are pretty unique and more advanced as compared to other brokerage platforms. The education features and the Expert Advisor are the ones that have attracted traders from other platforms as well. Considering all these features, I recommend you this broker because it has left no stone unturned to provide relief and satisfaction to its clients.

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