The Best 5 Crypto Portfolio Trackers You Can Use

The crypto industry is a wild one, and while it can be rewarding, it can also be tasking to keep track of. Investors often invest in more than one asset, with several wallets and accounts to operate. 

Managing all these assets and keeping track of them can be a serious challenge especially when you wish to have your eyes on price changes in order to make appropriate adjustments in your portfolio. 

To make the journey smoother, you can use crypto portfolio tracker apps. These are apps that help you to track your portfolio with the changes happening in the market so that you can make the required investment decisions.

The following are five of the best crypto portfolio tracker apps you can use to keep track of your portfolio today.

Coin Market Cap

Most people only know this app as a platform for checking information about cryptocurrencies, but it does more than that. It tracks the performance of over 10,000 cryptocurrencies from more than 400 exchanges. 

You can access real-time market data, including price, market cap, volume, and trading pairs. You can also view historical data and charts for each cryptocurrency. 

The portfolio tracker lets you add your holdings manually or import them from the wallet and you can monitor them conveniently from there. You can view your portfolio’s performance over 7 days or 30 days.

This app is also free, and available for both Android and iOS devices. Beginners will also find its informational resources useful as well as advanced investors. It however doesn’t have as much to offer as paid apps do.


CoinTracker is a crypto portfolio tracker that automatically tracks your balances and trades, making it unnecessary to enter transactions manually. It supports over 2,500 crypto assets across 513 exchanges and wallets.

You can use it not just for real-time price tracking but also for your tax calculations and tracking in five countries. It also allows you to create custom watchlists to track specific digital assets you’re interested in. 

The app synchronizes your buys, sells, transfers, and other data automatically from exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and NFT platforms like OpenSea or Blur. 

You can use it for free for the first 10,000 transactions tracking and subsequently pay $59 per year. 


Delta is a powerful portfolio tracker tool that supports more than 7,000 crypto assets across more than 300 exchanges and wallets. 

Apart from seamlessly accessing an overview of your total portfolio balance, profit and loss, and global trends of various assets, the app also gives you information on performance of stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indices, mutual funds, bonds, futures, and options.

You can also set custom notifications and for alerts on price changes and portfolio changes to help you make informed decisions on your portfolio. There’s the free and also the custom-paid plan.


Koinly is an excellent crypto portfolio tracker that aggregates data from 500+ exchanges and wallets. It also supports more than 20,000 crypto assets, giving users a clear view of their holdings, gains, losses, and tax liabilities.

Using a sophisticated algorithm, Koinly calculates gains and losses, identifies tax implications, and generates accurate tax reports that comply with the tax regulations in over 100+ countries, making it one of the most comprehensive portfolio trackers.

You can use the free plan, or the paid plan which starts at $49 per year. 


Coingecko is a popular destination for accessing crypto information. Like Coin Market Cap, it is known for accessing price-related market data.

You can find up to date information on prices, market capitalization, trading volume, and other essential data on the crypto market. 

It is also a comprehensive cryptocurrency data aggregator that provides a wide range of services, including a free crypto portfolio tracker.

It supports 10,000 crypto assets and provides information about 700+ crypto exchanges worldwide. It is also absolutely free to use.

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