The Best Crypto Exchanges to Use in Germany in 2024

The Best Crypto Exchanges to Use in Germany in 2024

Germany is one of the countries with the most stringent rules in Europe. Because of its regulatory requirements, top crypto exchanges like Binance have left the country.

This is not meant to cause panic for you as a resident of Germany though, because even with the strict regulations, there are good exchanges that still operate in the country. There are also bad exchanges that still operate in the country though, even illegally. 

So how do you tell which exchange is safe and which isn’t? You can’t, especially if you’re a beginner entering the crypto space for the first time. To make it easier, we have selected the best crypto exchanges in Germany that you can use.


If you’re looking for a reliable crypto exchange to use in Germany, Coinbase is one of them. It is a crypto exchange with headquarters in the U.S, but serves customers globally. This exchange is also known for deep liquidity which is required for seamless trading.

Coinbase also has a great reputation as the first crypto exchange to go public. This adds to its authenticity and assures you of its security. You can buy and trade over 260 listed crypto assets with over 300 trading pairs available.

The only challenge you may find with Coinbase is its relatively high fees which is a turn off for some potential users. Other than this, it is a great choice especially for beginners because of its user-friendly design.


Kraken is a top crypto exchange in the U.S, and is also a global crypto exchange. You can buy and trade over 350 crypto assets on this platform with low fees. The exchange is known for its unmatched security which is what sets it apart.

You can access the exchange from any part of the world where it is available for use, and also its staking services. There are different crypto assets you can stake to earn rewards on Kraken through its staking services.

In Germany, the exchange has secured a position as a crypto services provider. It recently entered a strategic partnership to offer services specifically tailored for its German users. 


OKX is an advanced spot and futures trading crypto exchange that offers users high margins. The exchange also has a simple design that makes it usable by even the least experienced people.

You can buy and trade over 350 crypto assets on this exchange with many more trading pairs. The exchange is known for its innovation, which includes a crypto wallet that you can use to achieve a range of things including staking of assets.

OKX charges lower fees than most crypto exchanges and is approved for use in Germany by the authorities. There are several other features you’ll find attractive on this crypto exchange when you set out to use it.


KuCoin is another global crypto exchange that operates in Germany. With over 30 million users globally, the exchange stands tall as one of the leading options in the world when it comes to reliable crypto trading platforms.

You can buy and trade over 700 crypto assets on the exchange, which makes it particularly appealing to those who are interested in trading or investing in altcoins. You can also use the exchange for staking of crypto assets for passive rewards. 

Thanks to its simple design, the exchange is usable by anybody regardless of their level of experience in the crypto space. You’ll also enjoy low fees when using this exchange. 


eToro is another global exchange with a huge presence in Europe. It is therefore no wonder that it is approved for use in Germany. The exchange is a multi-asset platform that lets users invest in both crypto and other traditional assets.

You can also use it to learn trading via its social trading platform. It is therefore a platform for everyone, both pro and novice.

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