The Best Cronos (CRO) Wallets to Use in 2024

The Best Cronos (CRO) Wallets to Use in 2024

Cronos (CRO) is the native crypto token for the Cronos blockchain. It is the token used to power the Cronos blockchain ecosystem.

Participants in the ecosystem use it for staking, to pay for transaction fees, for the network’s governance, and for incentivizing users. Holders of the token enjoy several benefits, including making decisions on future development of the blockchain. 

Holders also enjoy gains when the price of the token goes up. If you want to participate in the Cronos ecosystem, probably by staking crypto assets on, it will be very rewarding for you to hold some CRO. 

If you’re buying some, you need to have a good wallet for holding them too. In this guide, we discuss the best wallets you can use to hold your CRO tokens.


If you’re looking for a good web3 crypto wallet for holding CRO, Exodus is a great option to try. It can be used on desktop as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. You can use it to stake crypto assets on the mobile version to earn rewards.

The wallet is designed for all kinds of users, which is why it has a user-friendly interface that can be easily used. The wallet also supports non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and hardware wallets like Ledger and others.

There are over 300 supported assets with which you can always swap your CRO back and forth. Finally, the wallet is non-custodial, which means you get to maintain full control of the portfolio on the wallet.

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase wallet is a non-custodial wallet created by Coinbase. However, it is not controlled by Coinbase at all. Instead, the full control of the wallet is given to the owner and you’re responsible for managing your own portfolio.

It is one of the best wallets you can have and use to hold your CRO, because it is quite versatile and useful for many things. To start with, it is a wallet that has key web3 features such as asset staking and support for NFTs.

It also supports hardware wallets so that you can use it to access your portfolio on hardware devices. You can use the mobile versions for Android and iOS, or use the browser extension which works with major web browsers.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic wallet supports CRo and over 1,000 other crypto assets. It is a non-custodial web3 wallet that you can use to stake and hold NFTs from different blockchains. The wallet works on different platforms, including Desktops and mobile devices.

You can use it on Android or iOS, whichever one you have. The wallet also allows you to connect your hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor as well, so you can also access your assets on such cold wallets.

If you want to, the wallet also recently launched a web browser extension version that you can use with top browsers such as Chrome, Brave, etc.

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is a multi-chain wallet supporting over a million crypto assets from over 100 blockchains, including CRO. You can stake cryptocurrencies like CRO on the wallet, and it also supports NFTs.

Being a non-custodial, it gives you full control over your crypto assets, which makes it highly secure. The wallet also has support for hardware wallets so that you can easily access your portfolios on such hardware devices.

You can use it as a mobile app for Android or iOS, as well as a browser extension for top web browsers.

Ledger Nano X

If you’re a fan of hardware wallets or someone who just wants to buy and hold CRO tokens rather than trade it, this is an option for you. It comes with support for over 5,000 crypto assets including CRO, and you get to maintain control.

Like the other wallets on this list, it allows you to stake assets and hold NFTs. being a cold wallet, it provides the highest level of security so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your assets. 

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