Understand These Crypto Terms before You Start Trading

Do you think that it’s the right time your try your luck in the crypto industry? Well, the market is open to any interested person. However, you may have to familiarize yourself with the given terms to enjoy a smooth experience in the virtual market. Although here for more than ten years, few people understand the whole thing about trading virtual products. What you may have to know is that the crypto space witnesses changes day and night. 

Are you planning to step into the volatile market? Keep in mind that you might interact with new terms daily. You will have to stay up-to-date with the happenings in the crypto market to improve your cryptocurrency performance. Here are some of the words that can help you have the most from the financial industry.


Cryptocurrency utilizes Blockchain, a digital ledger that records your entire crypto activities. Blockchain technology uses unique addresses to identify crypto coins. Prepare yourself to interact with these terms as many times as possible when in your cryptocurrency activities. Keep in mind that Blockchain cannot trace or verify any coin that does not have an address. 

Cryptocurrency addresses can differ in setups depending on the virtual coin. They can appear like 26YVHKE2HghtHSHKRyu7Fe7YH (this is a sample address, do not use it on any of your crypto dealings. You must be smart enough in that case). 


Altcoins refers to all cryptocurrencies apart from BTC. That can include assets like Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, and many others. Remember, some ten years back, Bitcoin was the only digital coin in the entire crypto market. However, everything has changed. Today, the market has over 7,000 tradeable coins. 

Each day, you can find a new coin trending in the market. For instance, Dogecoin gained more mainstream this year as an alternative to BTC. When was the first time you came across Dogecoin? However, keep in mind that not all altcoins are legit. Some are from scammers targeting innocent investors. Be careful when dealing with any altcoin.


Blockchain is among the buzzwords you will encounter in the crypto industry. Surprisingly, most people who use the term do not know what it means. If you are among the individuals, what exactly is Blockchain? Well, it is a ledger containing cryptocurrencies’ transaction records in blocks. A new block forms after the previous one fills up. Some Blockchain has limited blocks, while others have infinite. A public blockchain means that anyone can see each transaction on the platform. For example, Bitcoin has a public blockchain that users can edit.


You have to incur charges when you accomplish any blockchain transaction. Gas in the crypto market refers to the fee you pay to facilitate your cryptocurrency transactions. Keep in mind that the charges vary. You can go for higher charges if you want to complete quick transactions. On the other hand, slower transactions require fewer fees. 

Among the challenges facing the crypto market for now is the gas price. Cryptocurrency may be universal if industry players can lower energy transactions. You probably understand the recent concerns surrounding Bitcoin power usage. 

Satoshi Nakamoto

You will encounter this term often when in your crypto endeavors. Satoshi Nakamoto is an anonymous group or an individual credited for launching Bitcoin. Keep in mind that to date no one has clear info concerning the Bitcoin founder. Some crypto enthusiasts use the word satoshis to mean a fraction of BTC. 


It is without a doubt that you know what a wallet is. What about a digital wallet? Well, you will require a crypto wallet to store your virtual coins. The wallet has all the features to ensure functionality when in your crypto deals. You can either use a software wallet or a hardware one. 

Final Thought 

Prepare yourself to encounter unnumbered terms when trading cryptocurrencies. You will have to understand the crypto vocabulary to ensure smooth crypto operations. You can use the internet to learn more about cryptocurrency terms.

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