Tesla has Solution for Drivers not Paying Attention to the Roads

According to the latest reports, Tesla has made an announcement pertaining to its Model Y and Model 3 cars. The electric car manufacturing giant has announced that it will be introducing cabin cameras in the Model Y and Model 3 cars.

Tesla has also confirmed the reason why it has resorted to adding cabin cameras inside the particular models. According to Tesla, they were receiving several complaints from authorities in regards to the driver assistance features of the cars.

The complaints that while using the driver assistance features, the drivers were not paying much attention to the roads. This is an alarming situation for Tesla as the company could not afford to have any accidents take place due to such actions.

Therefore, the company decided to take matters into its own hands and has added cabin cameras in the particular models. At present, the Model Y and Model 3, both have driver assistance features, which let the drivers sit back while the car drives itself.

In the past, Tesla had communicated and confirmed that it had already installed cabin cameras inside these models. However, the cameras faced the drivers, which were not used to monitor the driving of the drivers. Instead, the camera and a sensor in the steering wheel worked in coordination to monitor the movement of the driver.

The company revealed that they had added the sensor to perform “check-in” of the drivers from time to time. This was to ensure that the drivers were active and were paying attention to the road.

However, the company has confirmed that the new models of the Model Y and Model 3 cars would have the same cameras switched to monitoring the driving of the drivers.

A second-time buyer of Tesla’s car, Kevin Smith, has shared these details with media claiming that the new feature would be added to the models that do not have the radar sensors installed.

Smith has reportedly purchased the Tesla Model Y 2021 crossover and he had it delivered on Thursday, May 27, 2021.

The reason behind Tesla makes these technical changes is the pressure from the regulatory authorities both locally and from abroad. Recently, many car crashes for particular models of Tesla cars have been reported, and the inspection teams have reported the same.

Even many locals have made videos and shared them on social medial, and video streaming platforms where the Tesla cars are driving while drivers are asleep.

As for now, Tesla has confirmed that it is currently testing the auto-pilot. Therefore, the recent reports of crashes have brought Tesla under a lot of scrutiny from the regulators. As a result, the regulatory authorities from the US have launched probes against the crashes and are currently investigating the matter.

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