Uwerx Presale Registrants Approach 6,000, Set To Make Big Profit

The Uwerx (WERX) recently broke the record as the first decentralized freelancing and gig economy marketplace, recording over 8,000 registrants after its official presale launch in March. This significant development has also boosted their social media handle, with many rushing to get the latest report on the growth.

As of press time, Uwerx Twitter and Telegram accounts have recorded over 2,500 new followers, with an intensively growing engagement. Market observers have linked this latest development to a growing strong support base and the global cryptocurrency community’s interest in the Uwerx protocol.

The growing interest in the Uwerx protocol is visible in the outcome recorded in the recent Uwerx presale. From the available information, the recorded selling-out stage was established at 1 to 4. Another report has it that the stage 5 Uwerx (WERX) presale has run out of slots, another evidence of a successful presale campaign.

As of press time, the price of WERX is recorded at  $0.05645. And to celebrate the successful campaign, Uwerx is offering an additional 12.50% bonus on every WERX bought. This is coming after they have already introduced a 15% bonus. The offer is said to end by today, Monday, by 23:59 UTC.

Also, news had it that the team of developers at Uwerx has recently introduced the Alpha Version of the Uwerx platform, which also had a welcoming reception. The Beta Version is said to have passed the developmental stage and will soon be ready for release.

Uwerx Lists Features Of The Platform, As Freelancers Flocks Platform

According to the press release on the Coin Chapter platform, the company described some of the expected features. The Uwerx freelance marketplace will integrate messaging and productive apps with a web3 functionality. Recent observation shows that freelancers are already rushing to experience the Uwerx platform because of the proposed advantage.

Some other benefits listed in the press statement are cheaper transaction fees and the ability to create an alternative source of income with the help of Uwerx’s blockchain-based services. Expert analysis has described the Uwerx (WERX) protocol as a “demand-driving” platform.

While comparing other globally acclaimed freelance platforms, the company’s official statement said that Uwerx is moving further to reduce the transaction fee in the freelance industry. The report compared other freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork, accusing them of significantly reducing the freelancer’s income with their 20%-10% operation cost.

The company, in its official statement on the Coin Chapter platform, revealed that its business was propelled by the need to help freelancers profit more from their clients. Industry observers have, however, predicted that Uwerx has the propensity to become one of the world’s top web3-powered gig/freelancer platforms while competing with others with a sophisticated market base.

Uwerx Lists Their Purpose, Plans To Trump Bigger Counterparts

To convince the public about the sophistication of their services, Uwerx intends to reduce transaction costs to just 1%, promising a freelancer-friendly strategy allowing independent contractors to keep more of their earnings.

Uwerx’s main goal is to alleviate the long-standing difficulties that independent contractors have using other well-known platforms like Upwork, which levies a 10% transaction fee, and Fiverr, which charges a hefty 20% transaction cost. Uwerx hopes to draw in independent contractors looking for a more equitable and financially realistic option by drastically lowering the cost of conducting business on their platform.

Uwerx gained reputation and trust after being independently audited by reputable auditing companies:  SolidProof and InterFi Network, which both affirmed the platform’s security and stability. Uwerx aims to make ripples in the freelancing industry and challenge the dominance of its larger competitors with its freelancer-centric approach and the support of recognized auditors.

Investigation into the company’s activities shows that the Uwerx network is also working on becoming part a strong NFT and gaming market. Industry sourcees says that the company this is planning on taking this path because of the huge opportunities it presents.  

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