Wize Caps Review – Is It the Broker That Every New Trader Wants?

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Wize Caps Review

Wize Caps ReviewIs Wize Caps really the broker that every new trader should wish to join? Well, you can say that preferences can change from person to person, and trader to trader. Some traders like more freedom while trading, some like huge profits, while others want ways to minimize their risks. So, when you join a trading platform or a broker, you have to keep your preferences in mind. However, there is no doubt that when you look at the general requirements of most of the new traders, Wize Caps meets them quite well. Let’s take a look at how the broker does that.

Wize Caps – Bring the Best of Everything in One Place

·         Peace of Mind with Regulation

Even if you are new to trading, you should understand the importance of regulation for any online broker. If an online broker is not trustworthy, there are high chances that you will end up getting scammed. You will either lose your money in the name of commissions or you will never be able to make any profits on your trades because of the way the broker has designed the system. You can trade with peace of mind when you sign up with Wize Caps, as this broker follows the security, transparency, and privacy laws of the financial industry and proves that it is a responsible online broker.

·         Leveraged CFD Trading

Before you join this broker, you have to realize that it provides you with CFD trading. This is the form of trading that suits new traders a lot. When you trade CFDs, you do not take ownership of the asset that you are trading. In fact, you are only owning a contract that has the value of the asset attached to it. The best thing about this type of trading is that you can enjoy leverages on your trades, which allow you to control big trades that you otherwise cannot control when you are in a traditional financial market. In addition to that, CFDs give you access to just about all the financial markets in the same place.

You do not have to trade forex currency pairs, commodities, and stocks separately when you trade CFDs. That’s the type of trading you will be doing with Wize Caps. Now, as mentioned earlier, you can enjoy some great leverages on your trades when you trade CFDs, and Wize Caps makes that you get some big ones. So, when you trade with the basic account, you get leverages of 1:400 on your trades. You can make the leverages smaller by going with the ECN account. Now, this information brings us to another important aspect of online brokerages i.e. the trading accounts.

Leveraged CFD Trading

·         Three Account Types

Wize Caps has kept things quite simple and straightforward, which you can clearly see from the way it has designed its trading account. You have online brokers that offer you half a dozen different account types. While on the surface it seems like a great strategy, but it can confuse new traders as to which account they should sign up with. When you have made up your mind of signing up with Wize Caps, you will have only three types of accounts to choose from. The first account comes with fixed spreads, the second one comes with floating spreads, and the third one is an ECN accounts with not spreads at all.

You can pick an account that suits you the most. What makes things even better for traders when they sign up with Wize Caps is that they have to deal with spreads that are as tight as 2 pips even with the most basic account. On the other hand, you have other brokers that have some loose spreads for new traders and basic account holders. You should also know that regardless of the account type you pick with this broker, you are still eligible to join the Islamic account.

·         Generous Asset Classes

Do you want more choices when you start trading? Of course, as a new trader, you should definitely have more choices so you can pick an asset that suits your trading style the most. However, you cannot do that with every online broker. Luckily, you have Wize Caps providing you with some great asset classes and financial markets to choose from. As you trade CFDs with this broker, you are able to step into all the financial markets that you can think of. You can trade copper, silver, gold, platinum in addition to other commodities like gas, oil, corn, cocoa, etc.

In addition to that, you have forex currency pairs from all around the world. Whether you want to trade safe or take some big risks in the pursuit of big profits through exotic currency pairs, you will find them all with Wize Caps. You also have  a lot of stocks to pick from, but the most amazing thing about the asset index from Wize Caps is the availability of cryptocurrencies. Yes, you can trade some digital coins with this broker.

·         Likeable Trading Platform

The experience of trading you have with an online broker depends on the trading platform that you are given access to. If the trading platform is not good, you will not have a good trading experience at all. Now, with Wize Caps, you have access to MT4, which happens to be the best trading platform that the online trading world has seen to date. You can install it on your computer or use it on your mobile phones. You can even install it on your iPhones. See real-time charts, keep a watch on the market, and trade within a few clicks using this trading platform.

Final Thoughts

We believe that the way this broker covers all the features mentioned above, it has to be one of the favorites of every new trader who wants to start trading. There should be no doubt in your mind that Wize Caps is a complete online broker with all the amazing features. And top that off with some regulation to make it a safe platform. You don’t get such a perfect combination of security and features with every online broker. If you have a broker that provides you with all of that, you should not wait too long to join its platform. 

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