Would Musk’s SNL Appearance Boost Dogecoin’s Price?

In a recent exchange of Musk with his fans where he can be seen giving away, his autographs were seen, and during this enthusiastic interaction, Elon Musk asked his fans what they would like him to base the upcoming SNL’s episode on? And the unanimous voice screamed Dogecoin, to which he agreed. Musk is to host the upcoming Saturday night live, and he would explicitly be mentioning Dogecoin for sure. Rounding up his autograph session, he asked his fans what they think about Dogecoin in general, which was the end of it. 

Elon Musk might Pull an Adventurous Price Bump for Dogecoin

It is an open secret that Elon Musk is a consistent influencer of cryptocurrency when it comes to his tweets and addresses the common people and investors about the future that cryptocurrency can forge for them. His tweets have resulted in spiking the price of Bitcoin along with Dogecoin in the past. This time around, when he is going to talk about Dogecoin, the meme cryptocurrency on TV, the investors have high hopes for the price to skyrocket. There was a time when Dogecoin used to soar amid Musk’s tweets and support shown for the coin on Twitter, but the effect is now thinning, and it is presumed that his influence on Dogecoin’s price is now fully overthrown. 

Dogecoin has not been rallying the way it used to, and this is something that can be the end of the meme cryptocurrency as it was originally intended as a joke. But then when we see all the progress Dogecoin has scored, it seems like an episode of a thriller TV that might end up being a new season keeping the suspense and passion of the people alive. The current episode of the SNL has been rated as one of the most sought after on TV, and why wouldn’t it be Musk is going to be there and his views and opinions on Dogecoin. 

Some say that Dogecoin will see a massive hit, while others are adamant that after the episode has aired and all, it would be the end of the meme cryptocurrency once and for all. Not only investors but cryptocurrency enthusiasts will have their eyes glued to the screen when this episode drops. 

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