$WSM Continues To Break New Milestones, Over $12 Million Raised

The Reddit-inspired cryptocurrency Wall Street Memes continues to make headlines in the market as it achieves new milestones. The project has raised more than $12.4 million through its presale, making its current price $0.031.

It was gathered that investors have a short window of opportunity to buy them at the current price before the price of the tokens increases to $0.0313, which is likely to happen at the end of the month. Activities on the $WSM platform show that investors are anxious to maximize their possible profits, which heightens the urgency and excitement surrounding Wall Street Memes as a result of the approaching price hike.

The prospect of Wall Street Memes’ listing on Tier-1 Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) is one of the things igniting the excitement. The project’s team and community eagerly anticipate the development because it is predicted to increase the token’s visibility and liquidity.

While commenting on this latest trend, Inside Bitcoin’s Alvin Hemedez explained that the growth of Wall Street Memes reflects how social media sites and online communities increasingly impact the Bitcoin scene. Hemedez believes that Wall Street Memes is on a mission to bring a similar spirit of group action and decentralized finance to the cryptocurrency environment.

Investors Optimistic, Drives $WSM On The Part To Profit

The $WSM has allocated 10% of tokens to decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity. This is done in an effort to help facilitate easy access to the $WSM tokens. On the other hand, the $WSM airdrop is currently giving out $50,000 in $WSM to people from the community.

$WSM has renewed interest in the market as its popularity continues to gain online dominance. While explaining its pre-sales strategy, the company management said it’s an excellent way to generate a good cash flow – and provide its customers with relevant goods and services.

Hemedez, while also commenting on this, described $WSM as having a lesser chance of financial disadvantage, especially for those with more than one support avenue. Meanwhile, Inside Bitcoin’s latest forecast is that a $WSM token will equal $0.06 by the end of 2023.

Recall, that on 8th June, the $WSM reached $5 million in investors deposit, despite the cryptocurrency industry crash, making it the strongest trading Meme coin in the market. As the company plans to hit a market capitalization of over  $1 billion, they are rolling out more than two billion tokens into the market as they continue working towards a $0.50 price mark.

As of press time, the $WSM went down by -54.01% in the last 24 hours, with a market capitalization of $10,232,232. The company currently has over 1 trillion $WSM tokens and looking forward to releasing another 2 billion into the market as the Verified Liquidity maintains its $0.7726 position.

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