As per Scientists, the Indian Government’s Ignorance Resulted in Coronavirus Breakout

With every passing day, the COVID-19 situation all over India continues to worsen. The country is now receiving aid from all over the world but the main question is how things worsened so much in the country. The majority of the analysts, influential people, and the public of India can be seen blaming the Indian government for this situation.

When the pandemic hit India for the first time, it was expected that the death toll in India would be much higher. The reasons for these speculations were the economic condition, poverty percentage, and the population factor. At present, India is the second-largest country in the world in terms of population, second only to China.

Just recently, a forum of scientists has come forth, to tell the truth to the entire world about COVID-19’s spread in the country. While the Indian government continues spreading information all over the world about how much effort is made, the scientists are telling the truth about the government.

The scientists have revealed that they had made the Indian officials aware of the coronavirus situation in the country. According to the scientists, a report was already shared with the government officials back in March.

They informed the government officials about a variant of coronavirus that was hitting different parts of the country. They also warned them that the coronavirus variant was more destructive than the coronavirus itself. It could make the situation even worse for the people living in the country but their report was given no attention whatsoever.

Even after so many intimations and warnings, the government of India turned a blind eye and let the problem build-up. As of today, India has broken all previous records for the highest number of cases in a day. Shockingly, all previous 4 to 5 records for COVID-19 cases were set by India as well.

According to the reports, the total number of cases reported in the last 24 hours is more than 400,000. This shows that the situation in India is only moving towards the worst part. If the government does not do anything right away, then this number is going to grow even higher.

After the initial pandemic situation in 2020, the Indian government has not paid much attention to controlling the pandemic. According to sources, Hindu festivals and celebrations took place just like any other event. Due to these events, millions of people from all over the country gathered at a single spot.

Therefore, even if one person had the virus, he/she ended up infecting thousands and then millions in the process. Now the country is getting help from all over the world where countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, and even Pakistan are offering aid to India. Still, the government of India is not doing anything to control the pandemic and is busy holding its political rallies.

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