Best Crypto Apps to Have

There was a time when cryptocurrency had been shrouded in whitepapers and technical know-how, but it has now slowly made its way into the mainstream. It has become easier than ever nowadays for people to buy, sell and even hold cryptocurrencies because you can now even trade them from your smartphones. As more and more investors have begun to pay attention to cryptocurrencies, the demand for convenient and fast mobile solutions has also grown. Whether you are an iOS or Android user, you can find a number of simple ways to jump on the crypto bandwagon. 

What is a Crypto App?

First and foremost, you need to know exactly what a crypto app is. This is basically a cellphone app like the many others that are available nowadays, only it allows you to manage your crypto portfolio. When you are thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies, it can be handy to download some crypto apps on your phone. As opposed to desktop platforms, the apps seem to have an easier setup process and login features, so they are a less intimidating option when you want to get started with cryptocurrencies. 

There are different types of crypto apps that you will come across when you start looking. Exchanges are the most popular type that you will find because these apps allow you to buy and sell crypto. Likewise, there are also wallet apps that can be used for storing the crypto that you have bought and keeping it secure. Other than that, you will also come across apps that provide you the latest crypto news, which can be quite useful because this can help you decide when to buy, sell and trade and keep you updated round the clock. You can also find tracking apps that keep track of the crypto prices and alert you when there is any movement.

Some of the best crypto apps to have nowadays are 

eToro: The best App for Global Traders

With the eToro app, you can connect with a vast community of users and you can talk markets and share strategies with them easily. When you open a new account on eToro, you will be provided with $100,000 in virtual funds for practicing crypto trading in a virtual portfolio, which allows you to improve and enhance your skills. 

You will be able to take advantage of the ever-expanding array of cryptocurrencies as well as the crypto pairs and eToro has also added more than 30 indicators and tools on its app for its clients. Another advantage that eToro has to offer is the ability to make unlimited withdrawals, along with a streamlined and simple deposit feature. 

Gemini: The best App for Simplicity

The easy-to-use tools that are offered by the Gemini app make it easy for everyone to build their crypto portfolio, stay on top of market trends and execute their trading strategy. With the Gemini app, people can have access to the best crypto exchange and wallet in the industry directly in their hands. It allows you to track real-time market prices and asset prices anywhere, anytime. 

The app makes it very straightforward to set price alerts, so you can quickly act on price movements for assets that interest you. You also have the option of scheduling recurring purchases on bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, if you are interested in going long on the crypto market. Furthermore, the Gemini app also boasts superior custody and cybersecurity solutions. You can make a free account on the app and make your purchase within a matter of minutes. 

Voyager: The best App for iPhone 

This particular app has been designed especially for intermediate traders who are interested in completing more traders and want to explore the crypto space beyond the top options like Bitcoin and Litecoin. The Voyager app is a great choice for anyone who wants to get serious with their crypto investments. After all, you would have to have access to a comprehensive exchange app that enables you to purchase more than the largest and leading coins in the market and view charts. 

With Voyager, you can get access to a secure and safe exchange that features a horde of unique charting tools, access to additional coins than other exchange apps and commission-free exchanges. It is basically a combination app that boasts exchange capabilities, a secure and solid wallet as well as a market newsfeed. Voyager also provides users with a full set of tools that are needed by any serious crypto investor and it comes with the simplicity of a beginner app.

Crypto Pro: The best App for Privacy

Compatible with the iPhone, Mac, the iPad as well as the Apple Watch, the Crypto Pro app is free to download. It offers some very impressive features that have gained it a significant amount of attention. These include FaceID and TouchID lock, exchange APIs, iCloud with sync, advanced notifications and live price alerts, custom widgets and app icons, wallet tracking and imports, and candlestick and line charts. Custom widgets can be created on the Crypto Pro app for all traded cryptocurrencies, fiats and metals and all prominent exchanges.

The Crypto Pro app is considered a suitable option for users who are concerned about privacy because it doesn’t keep track of any user activity including viewing habits, portfolio size, or favorite coins. They also encrypt user data and store it locally on every device with the option of securely syncing and backing up via iCloud across any Apple device. 

Coinbase; The best App for Absolute Beginners 

If you are don’t know the difference between blockchain and bitcoin and are an absolute beginner who wants to learn about the crypto space, you can start your journey by downloading the Coinbase app. It is a beginner-friendly crypto exchange that enables you to buy and sell digital currencies rather easily. After you have completed the verification procedure required, you can use a credit card or your bank account for buying some of the popular cryptocurrencies. 

As a matter of fact, Coinbase also has a new education section that can be used for earning free cryptocurrencies and all you have to do is learn more about the coins you wish to purchase. It is a great app to get started if you have not bought or sold cryptocurrencies before.


The all-in-one trading software provided by Altrady can be used for trading in the market. It allows you to trade on multiple exchanges, keep track of your performance, improve your strategies and learn to get less emotional. The perks of this crypto app is that it allows you to manage your portfolio and trades across numerous crypto exchanges. You will be able to access the right trading actions with reliability and speed. Furthermore, the innovative technology used by Altrady allows you to react to the changing markets with efficiency and accuracy. Lastly, you also get access to state-of-the-art encryption for safely storing your API keys on the server.

There has never been a better time to get started in the crypto space when you have such advanced and easy to use crypto apps available to download. All you have to do is make sure the apps offer the right security and are available in your area and you can get started.

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