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Bit-Finance logoTo determine the differences between a true broker and a fake broker is a tiresome task. So, go for those brokers for which traders have positive reviews. Today, I will introduce you to Bit-Finance, which is also included in the list of honest and true brokers. The comprehensive knowledge about the broker is provided in the review given below.

Trading is not an easy task to do as it requires attention and hard work from your side. But with the introduction of state-of-the-art trading platforms, this hectic process of trading has become an easy job. Some platforms even use artificial intelligence to track trends and changing behaviors of markets and then report to respective users. In this way, traders can keep up with changing moods of the trading world. There are so many tradable assets nowadays, and sometimes traders get puzzled when picking particular assets for their portfolios. Here comes the work of brokers that assist people in selecting trending and profitable instruments. So, you just have to take the first step, and then gates of opportunities will be opened for you. Personalized insights and guidance from Bit-Finance’s consultants and account managers will help you a lot in making decisive actions in trading.

Versatile Trading Platform

Bit-Finance is the first choice for traders residing in Europe and Canada. It offers many instruments for users, but it is known especially for offering CFDs and Forex trading. It has expertise in giving traders premium services that are impossible to find on other platforms. Bit-Finance is a regulated broker and has a license from a renowned regulatory body. The precious funds of customers are 100% protected from bad actors and hacking attacks, which are very common nowadays. Several layers of security were made around the website when developers were designing this site. The company claims that 99% of customers are satisfied with the services of Bit-Finance.

The main aim of this broker is to equip its clients with a safe, fast, and enjoyable experience of trading so that their earning potential can surge to maximum limits. Their goal is to serve their users, and it is their highest priority. Moreover, the interactive user interface of the trading platform is highly appreciated by traders that make the trading path easy.

The web-based trading platform does not restrict you to one device as it can be opened on any device without any necessary conditions. Downloading is not a necessary thing to use this site, so it does not bound users through a specific application. However, for those who want the application, the company has an application of the trading platform. One can download the application on both android phones and iPhones. The intuitive interface of the trading platform increases the effectiveness of trading, and clients can have feelings of comfort. You can use Bit-Finance anytime and anywhere you want as there is no limitation. You are location and time-free when it comes to trading with this broker.

Bit-Finance website

Extraordinary Tools for Trading

Tools play an important part in making things easier for traders as it guesses future price movements and behaviors. Bit-Finance issues update tools and state-of-the-art software for its users. These tools are designed only to help traders in making high returns over the trading of multiple trading products. Moreover, these tools are developed using the latest technology that increases the trading pace, thus opening new avenues of profit and success. These tools work, keeping in mind the needs of both beginner and professional traders.

The Strategy Centre provided by the broker benefits users by making them aware of useful knowledge of trading markets. In this section, the firm uploads important trading-related content that helps in tuning the trading skills of traders. With access to Strategy Centre, your chances of success will increase many folds. The cutting-edge trading platform of Bit-Finance makes the trading journey of traders effective as well as joyful. You can get quick returns on the trading of cryptocurrencies, Forex, CFDs, and commodities with the market knowledge provided by Bit-Finance.

Bit-Finance’s Assets

If you want to trade numerous products on one platform, Bit-Finance is a perfect broker. Here you will find cryptocurrencies, Forex, commodities, and stocks. The addition of more than one asset in portfolios increases the chances of success as putting all eggs in one basket is a dangerous thing. One should also seek consultancy from professional people, and this platform has hired professional consultants that have the only job of providing useful tips on how to earn large returns on trading.

The first kind of asset category is cryptocurrency. Here, lovers of cryptocurrency will find all high-profile and profitable crypto assets for trading. These mainstream cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and many more. These crypto assets have a positive track record as hundreds of people have become millionaires by trading these cryptocurrencies. Now, it’s your job to turn dreams into realities with crypto trading. Keep in mind that the crypto market is more volatile than traditional markets, so trade these digital assets carefully after inspecting the market with a deep observation. Bitcoin has accumulated billions of dollars from investors as well as high-profile financial organizations in a very short period of time. Tech companies are also adding the flagship digital currency as they know it will increase in price value in the future. Crypto analysts are claiming that the beacon coin will reach $100,000 by the end of 2021. This is the prediction for this year only. For the next five to ten years, analysts and investors have high aims regarding Bitcoin.

Bit-Finance also specializes in forex trading. In this type of trading, traders bet on fiat currencies whose price values change depending on the major changes in regions. Forex market is also known as the highest liquid market, where traders bet trillions of dollars on a daily basis. If you are interested in this market, then the company has listed hundreds of top-notch forex pairs against top currencies such as the US dollar. If you want unpopular currencies, then the broker will also deliver them at your service. It is also one of the largest trading markets as its daily trading volume exceeds $5 trillion. The tools and indicators provided by Bit-Finance will help you in making correct predictions regarding currency pairs.

The commodity is another asset category you will find on the trading platform of Bit-Finance. Commodity further derives into two types: soft commodity and hard commodity. On this site, traders will find both kinds of commodities. A commodity is one of the oldest tradable instruments and has made people rich. In today’s market, commodity also comprises a great share as some investors like to invest on commodities.

Stock is something that represents ownership in a company. If someone has half shares of a company, it means he has half ownership of that company. Some investors invest in shares to combat continuous rising inflation. Some invest in becoming rich in a short span of time by using their trading skills. So, stocks are a great addition to portfolios if you want a versatile portfolio.

Bit-Finance assets

 Bit-Finance’s Accounts

This broker offers four different kinds of accounts, including basic, silver, gold, and platinum. Each account has a different minimum deposit limit and other features. These four account types refer to four different categories of investors based on the investment limits.

A basic account will open for just $500, and it normally targets beginner traders who are just starting their trading carriers. Basic account services are also basic in nature, such as access to 150 tradable assets. The second in the line is a silver account that unlocks with a minimum investment of $5000. It is upgraded as compared to the basic account as the number of features has increased. Investors who want to open a gold account will have to submit at least $25,000 as this is the minimum limit. The minimum deposit limit is not mentioned for the platinum account on the website, as it will open when you send an invitation to the customer support staff of the trading company. With a platinum account, users will be accessed to all premium functionalities and features regarding trading.

It is a piece of personal advice that one should go for an account, keeping in mind the level of professionalism and investment limit. If your trading skills are weak and you are betting a large amount of money on assets, then you may lose funds.

Free Education by Bit-Finance

Education about trading is a necessary thing if you want to adopt this profession. Without good education and market knowledge, you cannot become a successful trader. So, you should learn the basic tactics and tricks involved in the trading process. Bit-Finance has made a special section entitled education that is dedicated to empowering traders and investors with a trading education. The guiding material includes an economic calendar, trading signals, market analysis, and training.

When you go into the economic calendar section, you will find dates of major events and happenings in the trading industry. These events greatly affect the price values of assets and hint at future price behaviors. After checking out these events, you can make wise decisions regarding trading.

Trading signals is another facility you will come across at this trading platform. It is a premium feature as trading signals help out in making decisions before placing bets on assets. If a signal points towards selling, you should sell your assets. With timely reports, your profit band will expand. Here, it is a free-of-cost facility. In comparison, other trading companies charge fees on providing trading signals.

Market analysis falls into two categories: fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis deals with major news and events that affect the overall performance of a company or firm. For example, in this type of analysis, you will analyze company developments or anything bad that happens with that company. In comparison, technical analysis deals only with price movements of assets over a certain period of time. This type of analysis works on the principle of demand and supply and tries to find out future trends. Normally, traders make a decision by following only technical analysis, which is determined by using graphs and indicators. Bit-Finance also trains its users about technical analysis and tells them related hacks.

Trading seems an easy task, but profitable trading is somewhat a hectic thing. A trader requires great learning and exposure to trading to make things better in the trading process. Lack of trading insights can lead to loss, and traders could lose their hard-earned money. The company’s hard-working account managers provide support, help, and training to those traders who need it.

Attractive and Smooth User Interface

Trading becomes joyful and smooth if the user interface is friendly and interactive. A bogus user interface confuses people a lot, and some leave that website after such a bad experience. People also think about the effectiveness of the user interface before adopting an online trading firm. The user interface of Bit-Finance is designed as per the modern-day principles and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Everything that a trader needs is present on the first page so that he will not face any difficulty in finding his related stuff.

If you open the website, you can see a section asking email from you. If you give them your email, you will be notified of the latest news of the trading market. The latest information about current market trends helps people a lot at the time of placing bets on trading products.

Responsive Customer Support

Customer support in the online world has a lot of importance as it sets the relationship between a company and its users. Bad customer support makes this relationship very bad, and it will lead to much confusion. Therefore, online companies prefer to offer effective customer care so that customers will not face issues. Bit-Finance is one of those brokers that have been providing great customer support services since its inception. They have given their phone number for instant support services. Additionally, they have also listed their support email where you can email your queries. The timely responsive customer service will help you a lot, and you will get immediate solutions to your problems. A healthy and friendly conversation with support staff enhances the trading capabilities of traders and boosts their performances. The support members hired by Bit-Finance are professional in their respective fields and do their duties with full responsibility. The major aim of the company is to relieve customers of their worries and issues that they come across during trading. If you face any kind of issue or difficulty, you should contact the customer support team of Bit-Finance.

Is Bit-Finance Secure?

If you are struggling with this question, you should not worry about this as Bit-Finance is a secure trading platform available in the online trading world. This site has not become vulnerable to any cyber attack so far, which points towards its strong security system. The hard-working and responsible founding members of this broker have ensured that no outside entity can breach its security system. Various security layers are established around the site, thus removing any possibility of a hacking attack.

When it comes to security, professional traders do not compromise on it as they know its importance. If a trading broker has security loopholes, then there are strong chances that the funds of users are at stake and might be hacked. Therefore, you should do proper research before joining any brokerage firm. But Bit-Finance has a good reputation in the market for its powerful security standards. Here on this platform, there is a security of personal information as well as funds. Funds are placed in segregated wallets so that money of clients will remain safe in case of a hacking attack. The funds in isolated wallets further protect the precious funds of users.

Private information of traders is also secured even staff members are not allowed to access users’ personal details. The personal information is only collected for identification purposes and other regulation matters, such as compliance with AML and LYC policies.

Scam cases are surging in numbers because some companies have masked themselves as honest brokers, but in reality, they are not. They are just looting innocent people in disguise of honesty. It is a piece of advice to you that you should join an online trading company after researching about it. But if you have decided to register an account with Bit-Finance, then you will not have to research about it as it is a trusted and reliable place for the trading of Forex, cryptocurrency, CFDs, and stocks. With encryption technology, financial data, as well as personal details, is protected, thus enhancing security protection.


Bit-Finance is a leading trading platform that is established to help beginners as well as professional traders. Its state-of-the-art software and versatile set of trading tools are of great help for traders in earning high returns on investments. The most charming thing about Bit-Finance is its powerful security system. The major goal of the broker is to serve its clients and give them mental peace while they trade. The cutting-edge platform and top-notch trading software of Bit-Finance have made thousands of fans across the world.

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