Brazil Authorities Interrogate a Local Govt Chief for Involvement in Money Laundering

The law enforcement authorities in Brazil have recently raided the house of a local government chief. The sources reveal that the authorities have reasons to believe that the chief is involved in money laundering activities.

Crime Ring Head

As per the local authorities in Brazil, they suspect that the government chief is a crime ring head. The particular crime ring is involved in money laundering activities.

The reports claim that the ring leader had been laundering money out of the country in the form of cryptocurrency assets.

However, the Brazilian authorities have also mentioned a name related to the cryptocurrency industry. They have claimed that the Bitcoin Pharaoh, a very controversial figure from the crypto world was part of the money laundering activities.

Raid Resulted in the Confiscation of $9,250

The police investigation report from Brazil has revealed that the police raided Lorram Gomes da Silveira, who is the Armacao de Buzios councilman.

One of the local news channels revealed that the police authorities were able to confiscate $9,250 from the house of the councilman. The cash confiscated was all in cash.

Multiple Agencies were involved

The news reporting agencies have confirmed that multiple agencies had been closely monitoring the entire case. They were part of the investigations and raided Silveira’s house alongside the police.

The most notable agency involved in the raid was the organized crime combating specialized action group from Rio de Janeiro. The particular agency is run by the state ministry of Rio de Janeiro.

Claims against the Councilman

The case is still being investigated but many believe including the public prosecutors and the agencies that the councilman was behind all the money laundering activities.

As per the agencies and prosecutors involved, the councilman was heading the criminal organization. The councilman has been alleged of forged false documents and oversaw criminal and corruption-related activities.

The authorities have alleged the councilman of using cryptocurrencies as the perfect tool for carrying out money laundering activities.

Lorram was first elected as a councilman back in 2009. Since then, he has been elected two more times. From the year 2018 to 2019, Lorram was the chief of staff to the mayor of Rio de Janeiro.

According to the authorities, it was during this time Lorram was involved in the crimes related to running a crime ring and carrying out money laundering activities.

The Bitcoin Pharaoh

The authorities are also investigating two of the most controversial criminals from the world of crime. The first one is Carlos Alexandre da Silva and Glaidson Acacio do Santos who is prominently known as the Bitcoin Pharaoh.

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