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Trades Universal logoThere are so many online trading platforms that claim to be trader-focused. When you explore them and what they have to offer, you find out something completely opposite to their claims. I have gone through that myself, but I was lucky enough to finally discover a platform that promises only what it can deliver. Also, its trading services are trader-focused in my opinion. I can explain to you that point in further details in this Trades Universal review.

I have chosen to review this platform because I think new traders should be guided in the right direction without them going through a long and arduous mission of researching their trading options. What are the factors that make me think that platform is trader-focused? Let me point them out.

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Multi-channel Trader Support

You can never overlook the importance of customer support when you sign up with an online broker. These trading platforms are there to help you become a great trader. However, you can’t just start today and become an expert tomorrow. You will go through a learning process and in that process, you will need their help many times. That’s where the customer support comes in. If the customer support department from the company is working the way it should, you will never feel frustrated or disappointed.

I hope you don’t feel that way when you use the customer support options available with Trades Universal. The company has made sure that you can get in touch through a contact us form, email, and phone. When it comes to calling the company, you can choose from 5 phone numbers. You can find people on the other side who can help you in your language. The customer support department can help you 24/5.

Trading Conditions for New and Experienced Traders

The trading conditions on this platform are focused on all types of traders. Whether you are trading for the first time or have been trading for many decades, you will surely find a lot of things working your way when you join this platform. You have huge leverages on all your trades, even if you trade in the cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, you will be dealing with really tight spreads on all the assets, allowing you to keep most of the profit you make. That’s just one part of the convenience that this platform offers you when you sign up with it.

You will feel that the broker is trying to help you right when you think about signing up. You can open a basic trading account with a very small deposit. Furthermore, you can choose from many different options to fund your account, including but not limited to credit card, debit card, bank wire transfer, and wallet transfer. This gives traders a big opening into the trading world because they can see that they will be able to trade the way they want when they join this platform.

Trades Universal trading conditions

Registered and Law Abiding

When you talk about trust with relevance to an online trading platform, you have to mention their legal standing. In the case of Trades Universal, you have a platform that is properly registered to provide its trading services. Furthermore, it meets the requirements that are a part of the online trading industry, such as requiring every trader to meet KYC standard while signing up. As a result, you will have to give your personal identification number, physical address, and other details while signing up with the platform for the first time.

Last but not least, it adheres to the AML policy to ensure that its online trading platform is free from money launderers.

Final Thoughts

Do you think this broker is focused on its traders by providing them with great trading conditions and a platform that they can use from anywhere in the world on any device? Do you think it is doing enough to remain trustable in the online trading industry? I am sure you will be in a better position to make a decision if you also visit the broker’s website.

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