China Also Takes the Stage with the United States for the Martian Expedition

There is no other country that matches the enthusiasm level of the United States when it comes to exploring Mars, commonly known as “The Red Planet”. Although countries from all over the world would agree with the above statement China is the only country that would tend to disagree.

China is the only country that has even surpassed the United States in terms of exploring Mars. According to the latest reports, China made an announcement in regards to its Mars mission that has shaken the entire world.

China has confirmed that it has ramped down its rover into Mars, which is motorized and is remote-controlled. The announcement around the landing capsule’s successful descent on the surface of Mars was made by China on Saturday, May 22.

The recent mission sent by China on Mars has made China the only country that has achieved so much in terms of Mars’ mission. The announcement suggests that China has successfully orbited planet Mars, has successfully landed on it and has even deployed a vehicle that would perform land exploration.

The reports have revealed that China has named its Mars rover Zhurong. Zhurong is a Chinese fire god that is part of the mythical beliefs of China. The reports have confirmed that China had successfully landed the rover and drove it on Mar’s surface on May 15. Furthermore, the rover had started roaming around the planet’s surface at 10:40 am Beijing time.

The above information was released by the team operating the Zhurong rover through their social media account.

 With the recent landing and deployment, China has now become the only country that has joined the United States in Mars exploration. Only these two countries have succeeded in landing on Mars and collect useful data from it.

Prior to the United States and China, it was Russia, previously the Soviet Union that had landed its spacecraft on Mars back in 1971. However, the mission was a failure as the Soviet Union lost communications and any connections with the craft after a few seconds.

The latest Mars rover from China currently roaming the surface of Mars weighs 530-pounds. The Chinese rover has a total of six instruments belonging to scientific purposes. One of the most sensitive and critical scientific instruments installed on the rover is the high-resolution topography camera.

With the help of the high-resolution topography camera, the rover will be able to study and examine the atmosphere and soil of planet Mars.

Throughout the exploration of the planet Mars, the rover will be powered by solar energy. China has revealed that apart from scientific exploration, the rover would also be looking for signs and examining ancient life. The rover would also be looking for any sources of ice and water on the subsurface of the planet.

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