China to Receive a Tiny Convertible Electric Car from GM

With every passing moment, the electric car market continues to grow in size. The industry is limited not just to a particular region or area, but it is spreading all over the world. Therefore, companies that were once focused on cars running on fuel engines have started manufacturing electric cars in abundance.

Many traditional car manufacturing companies have even announced that they intend to manufacture only electric cars in near future. Several companies have already started making the right moves in order to accomplish this mission.

One such company that falls in this category is General Motors (GM), which has made a bold claim. The company has expressed that it intends to fully move its production line to all-electric cars by 2035.

Therefore, if a company wants to make this happen, then it needs to reach out to the right markets at the right time, and with the right products. At present, the largest electric-car market in the entire world is China, which every electric car manufacturing company wants to conquer.

So far, the local Chinese electric car manufacturing companies have proven that it will not be easy for international brands to rule them with ease. Companies such as Nio are already giving a tough time to Tesla, which is currently the largest electric car manufacturing company in the world.

However, the GM is ready to take the risk and is going with a different approach than it usually practices in its native (American) market.

GM has recently launched a new, tiny, and all-electric car in the Chinese market through its partially owned companies, SAIC-GM-Wuling. The name of the new car that the company is set to launch in China is Wuling Hong Guang Mini Electric Vehicle. The company states that the car is super cheap, cute, and tiny.

Wuling has claimed that they are hoping that the Wuling Hong will turn out to be the best-selling and best-performing electric vehicle in the Chinese market.

The company has made another major announcement stating that the Chinese customers will soon be able to get their hands on the convertible version of Wuling Hong.

During the unveiling of the Wuling Hong EV, GM has confirmed that the price for the vehicle would start from around 26,000 yen. At the time of writing, the 26,000-yen figure is almost equivalent to $4,000. GM has revealed that the particular cars will have colors inspired by pastries.

Prior to the Wuling Hong version, GM had introduced the Hong Guang Macaron, which was also a Mini EV. The cars come within pink, yellow, and green pastel hues. The Macaron EV GM launched has a starting price of $5,775 and goes all the way up to $6,700.

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