CryptoMatex Review – Is CryptoMatex Scam or Reliable?

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CryptoMatex Review

CryptoMatex logoTrading is a difficult task for novice traders, but they can achieve impossible milestones with a good trading platform. Therefore, you should find a broker that fulfills all your trading requirements.

Today, I am going to introduce you to a versatile trading platform known as CryptoMatex You will find all the necessary details in this CryptoMatex review.

With the inception of the internet, trading has become child play, and traders can do trading activity irrespective of location and device type. Users can use any of their devices such as smartphones, laptops, iPad, or computers to perform trading operations.

Similarly, they can bet on assets anytime as CryptoMatex’s website remains online 24-hours a day.

What is CryptoMatex?

A short introduction does not cover all features of CryptoMatex; therefore, you should read the review till the end. In the process to know about it, you will find multiple broker functionalities that are effective compared to other brokers. Its trading platform is remarkable, and one can clearly see its top-notch features by examining it closely.

The more you know it, you more you like to use it for the trading of instruments, including indices, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and many more. It is recognized as one of the reliable brokers because it has features that are difficult to find on its competitor platforms.

Its top-notch things which have become a symbol of the broker include an effective user interface, efficient trading platform, and a wide range of trading products. The availability of several account types also contributes to its fame among traders across the world. Everything on the site is organized very professionally so that clients will not face any difficulty while using it for trading activities.

CryptoMatex aims to deliver highly effective trading services to its users because the company puts its customers first. These premium services are provided at very competitive fee rates. The brokerage firm does not cut high fees and tries to satisfy its user base.

You should also know that account managers hired by the broker will assist you in the whole trading process. CryptoMatex has implemented all necessary policies which prevent illegal activities such as money laundering. You will not regret using it as it has uplifted the lives of many people.

CryptoMatex website

Efficient Trading Platform

A trading platform is an integral part of any trading company as it plays a major role. Therefore, it should be advanced as well as upgraded. Your trading experience will get disturbed if the trading platform of a broker is not up to the mark. Moreover, if the software integrated into the platform is not updated or slow, you may lose your precious money.

Due to system lag or delay, your bet will result in loss. Therefore, you should pick a trading site whose platform is proficient and effective. The wrong pick can cause create a lot of problems for you.

CryptoMatex’s trading platform is fast as well as proficient in all its operations. You will not confront any issues while performing trading activities using the trading platform of CryptoMatex. The interface is well organized and super easy for both novice and professional traders. The company also provides tools that help users in executing successful trades or bets.

It does not matter whether you are new or professional, as you can easily explore the bunch of avenues this platform is offering. Dozens of indicators and tools are in the access of clients, which can be utilized to earn thousands of dollars on the trading of instruments. The trading platform is highly updated and robust and can be opened on all types of devices.

Due to its flexible nature and fascinating features, traders like the trading platform of CryptoMatex. Users can use it anytime and anywhere and have full freedom- the chances of success increase in such type of flexible trading environment.

Why Choose CryptoMatex?

After using the site, you will come to know that nothing is outdated; rather, everything is organized using the latest technologies. As compared to other brokerage firms, CryptoMatex has integrated the latest software in its trading platform that assists users in earning high returns on investments.

Moreover, the brokerage has also provided a list of tools that maximize the profit ratio of traders. Indicators offered by CryptoMatex increase the knowledge exposure of investors on products which in turn help them to achieve new milestones. After registering with CryptoMatex, you will come across unlimited trading opportunities.

By availing of these opportunities, you can earn as much money as you want. But it would be best if you made decisions after consulting with account managers hired by the company for users.

The professional team of CryptoMatex has worked hard to serve customers in the best possible way. Therefore, users have always praised the hard-working and responsible staff members of CryptoMatex. The founding members of the broker have years of experience in this sector and are now helping novice and professional traders alike in changing their lives.

Similarly, the staff members serving at the customer care desk are also experienced and capable of solving all users’ queries and issues. The customer care desk will resolve your issues in a short span of time because the company’s main aim is to serve its users.

CryptoMatex’s four account types are dedicated to providing unlimited trading features to traders and investors from across the world. These accounts’ features and limitations vary depending on the budget limitations of investors.

If a trader has a small amount to invest, he can open a basic account and can avail all basic facilities needed for trading. On the other hand, people who have a large sum of money can open a platinum account and can avail themselves of premium features.

CryptoMatex has adopted all necessary policies, including know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) protocols. It is a secured firm as funds of customers are placed in segregated accounts. The major benefit of placing funds in segregated accounts is that hackers cannot breach them if they take control of the site.

However, it has not become a target of scammers or hackers so far. Several protection walls around the website and SSL encryption technology prevent the platform from all types of hacking attacks. So, we can say that it is a safe place where traders can safely go through their trading activities.

If we compare the fee schedule of CryptoMatex with other brokers, we come to know that fees charged by the broker are low. It is one of the features which fascinates traders and convinces them to use the platform of CryptoMatex for trading. Traders can place bets as much as they want at very low commission rates. You should give it a try.

Instruments Provided by CryptoMatex

CryptoMatex trading instruments

Like many reliable trading firms, CryptoMatex has provided several types of trading instruments, including stocks, indices, forex, cryptocurrencies, and many others. Before joining an online trading company, assessing its range of assets is a necessary thing to do. One should do the same thing before creating an account with CryptoMatex.

Try to create a portfolio full of a variety of instruments because it minimizes the risk level involved while placing bets. Some assets are stable, while some are highly volatile, so a combination of both is a good decision.

Cryptocurrency attracts the attention of those investors who like to take high risks. Due to the highly volatile nature of digital currencies, government officials or traditional trading market experts often criticize them.

But this asset class has become popular despite ongoing controversies regarding digital currencies. In order to counter cryptocurrencies, central banks are tirelessly working on creating central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and shook the foundation of the traditional financial system.

However, it has taken a decade to make its name in the market, but it was a little time when we compare it with other asset classes. Adding cryptocurrencies into portfolios is a good decision that traders make. CryptoMatex lists all the best performing cryptocurrencies which helped people in the past to make large fortunes.

Bitcoin has now become an integral part of the balance sheets of a lot of companies. Some asset management firms have added Bitcoin because they consider it digital gold, and it is able to create a strong hedge against rising inflation. It’s your turn to try out luck with cryptocurrencies.

Forex, as you know, is a big market and hosts the trading of hundreds of fiat currency pairs. Similarly, it is also big when it comes to daily trading volume as traders invest trillions of dollars on currency pairs on a daily basis. With the help of account managers and consultants, you can easily place trades on those currency pairs that can perform well.

Your money goals will be met while trading currency pairs using the trading platform of CryptoMatex. You can place bets as much as you want as the trading firm does not believe in limitations.

CryptoMatex has been offering hundreds of commodities since its establishment. Commodity trading is a safe play for those investors who do not want high volatile assets for trading. Commodities can be food products of daily use whose prices change regularly. Commodities further divide into two types such as hard commodities and soft commodities.

Users will find both types of commodities on the platform of the broker. It is, however, true that the commodity market carries a higher risk than the stock market. This is because traders invest in commodities via futures contracts, so traders should have experience of how to trade futures contracts. Out of all commodities, trading crude oil is a common thing among traders and investors.

Metals, such as gold and silver, are also included in the list of highly profitable commodities. People have been investing money in gold because the precious metal has the capability to act as a good hedge against fiat currency inflation and bad government policies.

The stock market is profitable, but it also poses a lot of risks because it comprises stocks of different companies and prices of stocks tied with the performance of companies.

In this market, retail as well as institutional investors buy and sell shares of companies in anticipation of high returns on investments. Therefore, you should consult account managers before investing a large sum of money in stocks. Right decisions at the right time can change your life.

An index represents the performance of a group of stocks. So, an index will tell you how a section of the stock market is performing. Indices behave similarly to stocks or forex as one can earn money if the price value of an index goes upward.

There are four different types of accounts, including basic, silver, gold, and platinum. Amateur traders can open the basic account as it offers all basic facilities. On the other hand, professional investors can register themselves with a platinum account whose all features are premium in nature.

Account Types

I will explain its account types in detail so that you will get an overall idea about its different investment packages. The main purpose behind offering more than one account is the limitations and requirements of traders and investors.

Some investors prefer to start trading with a little amount, while some like to bet with a large sum of money. So, some basic packages are included for novice traders, and some premium investment packages are rolled out for professional customers.

  • Basic Account

The basic account can be opened with only £250 so that novice traders can easily afford it. With this account, beginners can learn a lot. The maximum deposit limit fixed for this account type is £2,500. The account holders of the basic account can avail leverage of up to 1:50, which is quite high for beginners. On deposits, users can also enjoy a 10% interest-free loan.

  • Silver Account

The minimum and maximum deposit limits for this account type are fixed at £2,500 and £25,000, respectively. The features provided with the silver account are more than the basic account. The leverage and interest-free loan have also increased for the account holders of the silver account.

  • Gold Account

The gold account comes at third position after basic and silver accounts in terms of features and deposits limits. It is not for beginner traders, but it is for those who have extensive knowledge of trading markets.

You have to add at least £25,000 as deposit funds if you want to trade instruments via the gold account. The traits and attributes of the gold account include the availability of daily market analysis, account managers, one-on-one training sessions, monthly lectures, and many others.

  • Platinum Account

Platinum is the most updated and professional account out of all due to its stunning and charming features. Professional traders and investors should open this account, and every bet should be placed with great caution.

The minimum investment limit sets for the platinum account is £100,000. Owners of the platinum account have access to all premium features offered by CryptoMatex.

User-Friendly Interface

The user interface is the point where humans interact with machines or software. This point of the meeting should be as easy as possible as humans cannot grasp difficult things. The user interface should guide users to their destinations. Therefore it should be simple, smooth, integrated, friendly, and colorful. The company should not make a user interface that is difficult to interpret and read. Traders do not like those online trading companies whose interfaces are unfriendly.

They will definitely go for the trading firm whose interface is proficient and effective and makes no difficulties. The user interface of CryptoMatex is up to the market and works on the standard principles. Here, traders will not engage in any type of difficulty as everything is smooth and easy. Colorful website design and the availability of guiding information on the first page will help you a lot.

Is CryptoMatex Secure?

It is advised to go through a research process before choosing a broker. The major advantage of the research is that you will come to know that whether a trading firm is reliable or not. If you choose a good trading platform, your whole trading experience will become enjoyable and efficient. On the other hand, a weak trading platform in terms of security can cause damage to your trading career, and your hard-earned money will be gone.

CryptoMatex is a secure trading firm as it is following all policies which are necessary to keep illegal practices away. Traders are happy with CryptoMatex’s policies as they put their heavy investments on trading instruments. It allows only authorized traders to use its trading services. Bad actors are unable to do money laundering via CryptoMatex.

The firm also equates itself with KYC and AML protocols which further limit illegal things to happen. A safe and secure environment lets traders and investors enjoy unlimited benefits. They can carry out trades as much as they want without any fear of losing funds.


In this review, I have mentioned all things which explain all features and characteristics of CryptoMatex. It has unique characteristics such as 24-hours customer support care, a proficient customer support team, versatile account types, a wide range of assets, and a user-friendly interface.

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