Daily Coronavirus Cases in India are coming in At an All-Time High Rate

As per the latest reports, the total number of coronavirus cases coming in India has hit an all-time high record. The country is currently facing the worst time since the pandemic hit it and is now on the verge of losing to the number of cases.

The local media channels have reported that the total number of cases in India has risen above 300,000. The reports suggest that in the last 24 hours, 346,786 cases were reported at different hospitals in the country.

The Indian Government has also confirmed that it is the third consecutive day since the number of incoming cases has exceeded the 300,000 marks. Prior to this, the total number of cases reported by the Government of India per day was around 250,000, and 200,000 prior to that.

The reports reveal that the overall condition in the entire country pertaining to the coronavirus cases is worse than ever. The entire country is currently short on medical supplies, beds, and most importantly, oxygen supplies. Hospitals from all over the country have reported the same and are currently trying to attend to as many patients as possible.

The worst part is that the country is the second-largest in terms of population and has extremely dense populated areas. Due to this very reason, it was extremely difficult for the government to implement and practice required SOPs.

While the situation seemed to be under control during the first wave in the country, it was just a storm building up that has unleashed itself on the country during the second wave of the pandemic.

In recent weeks, it is not just the number of cases that have the entire country on a high alert but also the number of casualties. According to estimates made by the medical organizations in India, every four minutes a person is losing his/her life due to COVID-19.

The situation in the country is constantly getting worse and with the number of cases rising, the death toll in the country will continue to rise. The most concerning part are that the Indian Government is currently unsure of how to handle the problem.

One of the major reasons behind the country’s chaotic condition is the Indian Government’s lack of interest in the health sector. At present, the health sector in India is one of the most underfunded systems in the country.

This is the reason why India is currently facing such a catastrophic situation where the hospitals only have few hours of medical supplies left. As a result, people are dying in the country without getting any medical attention.

Some of the documentaries made by the local media sources show that people are literally losing their lives in ambulances, outside hospitals on stretchers without getting any medical attention.

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