Figures Show Number of All-Electric Vehicles will Hit 145 Million Globally

When Tesla announced the launch of its first electric vehicle, there were not many customers up for grabs for the vehicles. As time went by, Tesla started gaining the trust of more and more customers. Over time, people who were desperate to make a difference in the earth’s ecosystem with their actions started shifting to Tesla.

Today, Tesla is one of the largest electric car manufacturing companies in the world. Not only Tesla but also many all-electric car-manufacturing companies from around the world have started gaining popularity.

At present, the demand for all-electric cars is so high, that even the traditional engine car manufacturing companies have started shifting to all-electric car manufacturing programs.

Even companies such as Honda, Cadillac, and General Motors have announced they plan to shift completely from engine cars to electric. Even the analysis reports reveal that the sales and manufacturers of all-electric cars all over the world are hitting an all-time high.

The analysts observing the electric car manufacturing markets have now started making predictions about electric vehicles. According to the analytical reports, it has been predicted that the number of all-electric vehicles on the roads will hit 145 million by 2030.

The report includes the combined number of all-electric heavy trucks, vans, buses, and cars. The analysts who made the prediction around the all-electric vehicles belonged to International Energy Agency. The International Energy Agency had made the announcement around the expected target on Thursday, April 29, 2021.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has made yet another claim in its all-electric vehicle outlook report. The agency has predicted that the number of all-electric vehicles by 2030 can be much higher if two conditions are met.

The first condition is the climate control goals that the governments have to meet. The second condition is the goals for international energy that governments from around the world need to meet.

If the governments from around the world were able to meet the above targets then they would hit the 230 million electric vehicles’ benchmark by 2030. The IEA has clarified that the three-wheeled and two-wheeled electric vehicles are not included in the target.

The agency has claimed in its report that the total number of electric vehicles registered in the year 2020 was 3 million. This is a 41% increase in the volume of electric vehicles that were registered in the year 2019.

Due to the volume registered in 2020, the total number of all-electric vehicles currently being driven on the roads is more than 10 million.

Although the overall car manufacturing industry faced a 16% drop in sales volume due to the Pandemic, the electric car industry seems to have thrived throughout the situation.

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