Google has Started Calling Employees to Work from its Offices

The year 2020 has been really cruel over the entire world due to the pandemic and the damage it caused to the global economy. Countries and industries from all over the world are still trying to deal with the aftermath of the pandemic. There are several countries that will take years to recover from the losses that they have incurred due to the pandemic in a single year.

When it comes to companies and industries, they have taken a huge hit on their operations, and daily routine works a lot. This is mainly because the industries and companies were all about interactions between groups or individuals in order to finalize the deals and all.

However, the pandemic rendered people from limiting their interactions and move to remote and virtual interactions. In order to follow and adhere to the COVID-19 precautionary SOP(s), companies from all over the world sent their employees home and had them from there.

When it comes to enabling the option of working from home, Google was one of the first major companies from the United States that sent its employees homes, allowing them to work from home.

However, it has been revealed that Google is now in the process of setting up and introduce new guidelines for remote work. Google is reportedly working to bring its employees back to the offices and start working as normal.

Since the end of the year 2020, the entire United States has undergone extensive vaccination procedures. So far, many people from around the country have been vaccinated and there are areas where the vaccination is fully taken care of.

Therefore, Google has started opening up its offices in these certain areas and is calling its employees back to work from the office. However, it will be completely up to the discretion of the employees whether they are willing to come and work from the office or continue from home.

It has been clarified by Google that the work from office run is going to be completely on a voluntary basis. Whoever wishes to participate in this process and help Google in bringing confidence back to its employees can come up and start working from the office.

However, Google has confirmed that the offices will not be opened with full capacity but limited and will have the necessary vaccination available for the coronavirus. The company has announced that it is going to go for the trial in the entire month of April.

In the light of the recent vaccination exercises, the company is sure and confident that the situation is now under control and the employees can start coming back to offices to work as normal.

Google has also introduced new guidelines for employees who wish to work from home. It has announced that employees willing to work for more than 14 days from home will need to submit a formal request.

For employees wanting to work from home for 12 months will need to apply for it in extreme circumstances.

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