Google Set to Generate Higher Revenues by Making Progress with Chromebooks

Ever since the year 2020 began, the entire world has been stuck in a pickle. At first, the major problem was the lockdowns that the entire world had to suffer and the world is still paying the price for that. Then, it was the economy that got hit badly by the pandemic, but now the global economy is making a rebound.

Then there is another major hit that the entire world faced, which was related to the supply chain of products and electronic devices. Since the start of the pandemic, electronic companies have reported a significant rise in their earnings and revenues.

The rise has been observed mainly due to the surge in the utilization of electronics as most of the people from around the world moved to work and learn from home policy.

Moreover, the trades around the globe were badly affected, followed by an incident at the Suez Canal, which made the trades even worse.

Due to the pandemic, the industries and companies producing electronic devices and equipment in the affected areas were unable to run their operations to their full potential.

Soon, the shortage of chips was observed throughout the world and after 2020, the situation has only gotten worse for chips in the electronics industry.

As the shortage of chips continues to rise all over the world, companies have started coming up with their own chips. The companies are doing this so they do not have to worry about the shortage of chips and are able to make them on their own.

This is something that has given motivation to many companies to come up with their own equipment and chipsets even if they are central processing units (CPUs). Google also seems to have gotten inspiration where it now wants to come up with its own processing units.

Just recently, Google has announced that it is aiming to launch central processing units that will be manufactured by Google itself. Google has announced that it will be launching the Chromebook Laptops that would have central processing units manufactured by Google.

This information was shared by one of the major reporting firms on Wednesday, September 1, 2021. This means that with the help of these new CPUs, Google will be able to save up a lot of money. It currently spends billions on the acquisition of CPUs from third-party manufacturers.

Google is already close to the completion of its goal as it is now planning to roll out the new Chromebook laptops with its own CPUs. Over the course of time, Google will proceed with manufacturing tablets as well as Chromebooks with the CPUs that it will manufacture.

According to inside sources, Google has planned that it will take place from 2023. For now, Google has refrained from making any comments on the matter but may soon open up about it.

This would eventually help Google in generating higher revenues and grow its stock prices. As the company is world-renowned, the investors would react upon it before the company even acts upon such matters.

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