Highly Anticipated Tesla Battery Day is Next Week

According to news reports, Tesla is hosting an event called “Battery Technology Day” which expected to take place next week. In anticipation of the event, analysts and experts are exclaiming the event with the impressions such as “long-anticipated” and “mind-blowing” etc.

More hype was created with the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla, Mr. Elon Must tweeted from his official twitter account in which he has said that “many exciting things have been kept as a surprise for the audience”.

According to news reports, the event is going to be a deal-breaker for the stocks relating to Tesla which will determine the future of the electric vehicles manufactured by Tesla. The event is scheduled to be held on Tuesday next week wherein the topics such as battery cost, battery capacity, and its reliability will be highlighted, deliberated upon, and debated. It is expected that the new plans relating to fresh technologies will also be discussed.

With regard to the question that electric vehicles are much expensive than gasoline-powered models manufactured by Tesla. The Chief Executive Officer of the company responded that because the cost of a high-tech battery is greater than a gas tank, therefore, the difference between the two is inevitable but the company is aware of the matter and is working on the plans to reduce the prices of electric vehicles so as to make the product accessible to the majority of customers.

However, according to Mr. Dan Levy who is an analyst at Credit Suisse, he said that in the much anticipated even next week, he believes that Tesla will be more focusing on the need to bring down the prices of batteries. Mr. Levy also said that the cost reduction will help Tesla in a great deal to get more potential customers. He estimated that a price range of US$ 75 per kilowatt-hour would be great.

According to news reports, many interested people are anxiously awaiting the event and some of them expected that any rate below US$ 100 per kilowatt-hour will be a win-win situation for the shareholders of Tesla.

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