If Alexei Navalny Dies in Prison, Russia Will Face the Consequences

As per the latest reports, Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor from the White House has released a statement about Alexei Navalny’s matter. Sullivan has claimed in a statement made on Sunday, April 18, 2021, that they have given clear instructions to the Russian Government around Navalny.

At present, Alexei Navalny, who is one of the most prominent critics of Vladimir Putin is currently jailed and is in custody by the Russian Government. The American administration has sent an order to the Russian Government that no harm should come to Navalny during the custody.

The US administration has stated that if any harm comes to Alexei Navalny during the custody or he dies, the Russian Government will suffer the consequences for their actions.

Sullivan stated that they have intimated to the Russian Government if anything harm comes to Navalny during the custody, it will be their responsibility. They have clarified that the International Committee will hold the Russian Government responsible for any actions that result in Navalny losing his life.

In recent years, Navalny has been one of the top personalities that have criticized the higher-ups of the Russian Government. He has mainly targeted Vladimir Putin for his corruption and has made several statements about his foul plays being in the Russian Government.

According to the reports, Navalny had recently returned from Berlin, Germany after half a year of recovering from an incident. It was reported back in August of 2020 that Navalny had been given a nerve-wracking poison.

Then in January, Navalny came back to Russia after recovering from the assassination attempt against his life. However, he was stopped at the Russian airport, where the passport control teams reportedly arrested him.

While the supporters of Navalny were trying hard to recover from the news of his arrest, they were given another shocking news. It was reported that Navalny had been given a 2-year prison sentence by the Government of Russia.

Since last year, the international forums and especially, the US administration have monitored Navalny’s matter. Just a few weeks back, the United States Government had imposed sanctions on seven Russian Government members.

The American Government had alleged seven members of the Russian Government to be involved in Navalny’s assassination attempt by poisoning. The sanction was also imposed over the Russian Government officials for detaining Navalny as he reached the Russian soil.

It is worth noting that during Donald Trump’s administration, no action was taken by the United States against Russia in Navalny’s matter. It is Joe Biden’s administration that has sent a clear message to the Russian Government over their wrongdoings against Alexei Navalny’s matter.

The statement from the American administration came as a result of the recent claims made by members of an opposing party in Russia. In the statement, the opposition member claimed that since Navalny’s arrest, his health has been deteriorating. If something is not done soon, he may end up losing his life.

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