Legendary Investors Vote in Favor of Flagship Digital Currency

Ray Dalio is one of the interesting figures in the crypto world. On the one hand, he has his stakes raised in Bitcoin; on the other, he is still sceptical about the future of cryptocurrencies. To this end, it seems that the weight of favour has become more protuberant towards cryptocurrencies. In the aftermath of the Coinbase listing on NASDAQ, the flagship cryptocurrency made a jump for the stars and reached a new ATH of $64,500. 

It is difficult to ignore the crypto current at this point. In a recent appearance at Texas A&M’s Bitcoin Conference, the veteran investor said that Bitcoin has finally proven itself and the fact that it possesses intrinsic value. He referred to his earlier remarks about the flagship cryptocurrency that the Bitcoin blockchain has never been hacked once to date. 

Bitcoin Haters Turning into Bitcoin Hat-ers

The A&M Bitcoin Conference also featured several other high-profile investors like Rob Kaplan from Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Hedge fund guru Bill Miller, Michael Saylor from MicroStrategy, and notably Tim Draper- the billionaire venture capitalist. 

Miller was caught donning a hat with a Bitcoin logo to ascertain his support towards the DeFi markets. Meanwhile, Tim Draper was seen boasting a Bitcoin logo tie that replaced dollar signs with Bitcoin signature emblem. During the conference, Dalio pointed his critic shotgun towards the government-issued bonds and cash. He advised investors to change their hands and look for better alternatives.

Turkey has Banned Crypto-Related Payments

A few days ago, the strange yet relevant news from Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, come to light that the governor of Turkey’s central bank has been relieved from his duties. The citizens of Turkey were already unable to make any transactions since the US-based crypto market was facing licensing issues in 2016. 

It has now come to light that the government of Turkey has imposed a nationwide ban on cryptocurrency payments. The official newspaper of the Turkish government, Resmi Gazetethe, has informed the citizens that it would be considered out of the bounds of the law to involve in any crypto-related payments after April 30th, 2021. The news is not a big shock for many people as the crypto transition has been witnessing slow markets in the Asian markets. 

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